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  • Respect+e10998 - Aretha Franklin
    "Aretha Franklin Miscellaneous Respect+e10998 RESPECT Aretha Franklin written by Otis Redding (oo) What you want (oo) Baby, I got (oo) What you need (oo) Do you know I got it? (oo) All I'm askin'"
  • Respect - Aretha Franklin
    "(oo) What you want (oo) Baby, I got (oo) What you need (oo) Do you know I got it' (oo) All I'm askin' (oo) Is for a little respect when you come home (just a little bit) Hey baby (just a little bit) when"
  • New Generation - Violent Femmes
    "It's a new generation Telling it the way they feel (new generation) It's a new generation singing it loud and clear (new generation) It's a new generation really know whats happening here. (new generation) It's"
  • Gimme - Jill Scott
    "if you want it in the mornig just call my name if you want it in the evening just do the same let me sock it to yah sock it to yah sock it to yah sock it to yah the way a women can let me give it"
  • Bach Is Dead - The Residents
    "Bach is dead Bach is dead Bach is dead Bach is dead Walking women want to see The Southern Cross at night And so they set aside a sock And tie their laces tight Yes mournful is the melody That echoes in"
  • Anthem - Pansy Division
    "We're here to tell you, ya better make way We're queer rockers in your face today We can't relate to Judy Garland It's a new generation of music calling We're the buttfuckers of rock & roll we wanna sock"
  • Who I Am - Da Brat
    "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh give it to me give it to me (Oh yes! Da Brat is in the fucking building!) Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh sock it to me sock it to me (Oh yes! So So Def is in the building!) Oh yeah, oh yeah,"
  • How She Boogalooed It - The Beach Boys
    "Oh we was dancing in a really big city Got excited by the sound of a party Now my heart beat while the music was groovin' And if you wanted to you couldn't keep from movin' Look around do you believe what"
  • Sound System - Steel Pulse
    "Dig the music Mr. DJ Sound system (sound system) Heavy rhythm Disco jive, conquer I no. Sound system (sound system) Juke box jive can't cramp I style. Sock it to me sister Move and mash it mama Feel the"
  • Good Time Boy - Buffalo Springfield
    "Now look what I've done It seems that I own some As all it turn back now to see that In all of of my fat lines Upstaging a climaxing dream, yeah 'Cause If it's all right To be your good time boy If it's"

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