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  • Ach Śpij Kochanie - Joanna Dark, Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Szymon Majewski
    "W górze tyle gwiazd W dole tyle miast Gwiazdy miastom dają znać Że dzieci muszą spać... Ach śpij, Kochanie Jeśli gwiazdki z nieba chcesz, dostaniesz Czego pragniesz, daj mi znać Ja Ci wszystko mogę dać Więc"
  • Spic And Spanish - Ray Charles
    "There's no Cinderella in Spain; That story was pulled by a Dane. Our young girls are simple and pure, But watched night and day to be sure And now I'm alone, Wide awake and full-grown, With no fairy prince To"
  • Śpij ze mną - CamaSutra
    "Nie ma przy mnie miejsca Na myślenie męskie twe Nie ma przy mnie miejsca Byś mógł robić to co chcesz Za to przy mnie możesz zapomnieć O szarości codziennej Swych zdarzeń Tylko przy mnie Tylko ze mną Rób"
  • Living In Spite - Midtown
    "Tearing pictures of the wall, you took the fall from truth so everyone could see that you don't live your life for me. You live for you and there's nothing I can do, but try to climb out the trenches I've"
  • Malice And Spite - Satanic Surfers
    "You like to unnecessarily polarize issues into an all or nothing dichotomy that gives you a place to exercise your deep seated lust for power over and hatred for people you don't know, people you don't"
  • Spite And Malice - Placebo
    "Revolution, dope, guns, fucking in the streets Aces take your time Queens are left for dead Jacks can stand in line And touch themselves instead Aces take your pity And keep it warm in bed Aces take"
  • In Spite Of - Saybia
    "I ain't as beautiful as you I ain't as beautiful as you But in spite of the fact that I ain't noticed in a crowd I know it ain't all bad I know that ain't all bad If I look in the right direction In my"
  • Spite Of Me - Tom McRae
    "Here I stand My hour at hand Waitin' for the night I need to change Cannot stay the same I can't keep up this fight Though I stand here on my own I know I am not alone I'm possessed by spirits"
  • Spil for galleriet - Nordstr?m
    "Det er en millimetertynd forklaring Du har strikket sammen der Og s fint du holder masken Men jeg kan ikke be om mer Himlen som du gr og minder om Er meget lysere end fr du kom Du strler fra dit fugleperspektiv Mens"
  • In Spite Of It All - Kalan Porter
    "I'm through with love Loves through with me I guess I've messed up one time too many Can't get it together I've gone to the wall I've made it this far In spite of it all In spite of it all You will knock"

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