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Later bicher

  • Sooner Or Later - Grassroots
    "Sooner or later, love is gonna get ya Sooner or later, girl you got to give in Sooner or later, love is gonna let ya Sooner or later, love is gonna win Its just a matter of time Before you make up your"
  • Sooner Or Later - Supertramp
    "Sooner or later it's gonna get better Sooner or later I'm gonna get over her You know I can't go on like this It's just a matter time There'll come a day when I will wake up Without her on my mind Sooner"
  • See You Later - Elliott Smith
    "You got a choke chain Made out of nightrain To keep your memory down In quicksand from the main man To gel everything out Always out on a joyride Lay it out from insides Always at a dead stall From sticking"
  • See You Later - Heatmiser
    "you got a choke chain made out of nightrain to keep your memory down in quicksand from the main man to gel everything out always out on a joyride lay it out from insides always at a dead stall from sticking"
  • Sooner or Later - John Nemeth
    "Sooner or later you’ll learn … Sooner or later you’ll learn Every move get that turn You live your life on wire But rope just… Your candlelight is burning bright Someday it will burn the night"
  • Sooner Or Later - Spoons
    "I see it in motion Its over my head Its moving so slow But sooner or later You will remember Sooner or later The world will wind down The highway keeps bending It wont let me go And my car moves so slow But"
  • Later Is Nu - De Dijk
    "Waar wil je op wachten? Tot je wat zeker weet? Alsof dat bestaat en Zekerheid geeft Is niet elke seconde Een mogelijk uur U? Waarom nog wachten? Waarom niet nu? Wat houdt je tegen? Wat maakt je bang? Dat"
  • Sooner or later - Moody Blues
    "Walk on the water, Swim with the life tide, Clear away the storm clouds, Ohhh... You got to Roll with the punches, Shelter from the weather, Have no fear of darkness, Sooner or later ohh... Sooner or later"
  • Sooner or later - Bad Boys Blue
    "He has hurt you. That is true.Now he's gone and you feel blue.But I know you will survive girl.You can leave it all behind. I can help. I'll be there.I will take good care.Sooner or later you're gonna"
  • Sooner Or Later - BBMak
    "I don't understand you Have you lost your mind? You've always been a friend of mine but you're running out of time Cause I see what she's thinking Its like she's had enough Cause you never took the time"

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