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  • Never True - Noctiferia
    "Spawn... A birth from primordial vice This sight I witness frequently The hate i caught amongst these walls of soil Enticed by clouds Higher and higher The eye was strained to gaze upon the routed None"
  • Forgive + Forget - Avalon
    "Avalon A Maze Of Grace Forgive + Forget Me and my shadow He goes wherever I go My darker side sometimes chases me home He makes me feel guilty For things I'm forgiven of Says I'm unworthy While You say"
  • Are You Trying To Be Funny? - Everything But The Girl
    "Let him spend all his money on you Ease the guilt of the things he won't do For he believes there's no such thing as greed A yearly payment is all that you need In poverty may your goodness prevail While"
  • Coathanger - Clifford T. Ward
    "If you share my coat-hanger then I'll be hung on you If you try to break my neck we're through, through Just you wait till it gets dark the time will soon go by I'll try to come so quickly lest you"
  • Heart Of Soul - The Cult
    "Down and out in London Los Angeles and Paris, too, uh-huh I drank a river in my time To get on through, yeah Well, the night, it rise above you, rise above me And the blues, they swirl around me To the"
  • Army Of Light - Smiley Kids
    "We're saved by grace, imperfect human race. Not saved by works, lest anyone boast But faith without works, is basically dead. So let the light shine, don't be afraid to fall Put on the armor of God,"
  • Sarah 5646766 - Grandaddy
    "Sarah, can you hear me now? My resonator's breaking down I met your choir by the rocks And we've agreed to bring you up whatever the cost Sarah, released today There was songs in the dreams And I heard"
  • Precious lord, take my hand - Randy Travis
    "Precious Lord, take my handLead me on, let me standI am tired, I am weak, I am wornThrough the storm, through the nightLead me on to the lightTake my hand, precious LordLead me homeWhen my way grows drearPrecious"
  • Relinquish - All That Remains
    "Still push harder and still the facts remains Just one to an open end so quickly A simple step now a small matter of time lest not regret now I'll make you push the line Follow the lead to failure relinquish"
  • After the flood - Talk Talk
    "Sang soulless loud Herding step on flesh And nothing else To well To drown & drown Sleight of reason How they come Cain in number Alone The crowd Spurning step by state Blame something else Thirsting Within"

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