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Lip yachty

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Lip yachty
  • Heatmiser Busted Lip
    "i must have looked hysterical trying to get away riding on an avalanche of things you just don't say i wanted someone's company, but to her i'm just some guy and i got a busted lip on a silent night i"
  • Jimmy Buffett Lip Service
    "Talk, talk, talk til your jowls turn blue But you never really tell me what you're gonna do You seem to keep it all locked up inside I can't help but start to thinkin' You've got something to hide Why"
  • Slapshot Lip Service
    "Peace in the pit, what a load of shit They'll never get their shit together Instead of unity only out for themselves Back on the map is a fucking joke Since you came on the scene You're so Hardcore,"
  • Wet Wet Wet Lip Service
    "Ain't got enough, so I go out and get some more It got so bad it nearly left me lying on the floor I started thinking that it's wearing on my soul But I got to get it getting tonight Raindrops keep fallin'"
  • Pizzicato Five Lip Service
    "(Tajima / Konishi) Translators: Kirk Cumming, Miyuki Igarashi saabisu kuchibiru ni saabisu sasayaku ai no disukuuru saabisu kuchi no naka ni hirogaru amai kaori shibireru you na hontou wa suki ja"
  • American Pie 2 Soundtrack Fat Lip
    "American Pie 2 Soundtrack Miscellaneous Fat Lip Song: Sum 41 Storming through the party like my name was El ninio When I'm handgun out drinking in the back of an El camino As a kid, I was a skid and no"
  • That Dog Lip Gloss
    "The filthy, nasty, dirty, south! I represent Albany gorillas, rock choppers, and drug niggas We bust shots and slugs on hot blocks of thug niggas I'm done talkin', I come walkin', short stalkin' If it's"
  • Wild Strawberries Pretty Lip
    "I'm not the perfect sister I'm just the wounded one I was created to compare I'll quit while she's ahead I've finally found the rent I'll memorize the words to every other line she says She's got pretty"
  • Danny Lip Flappin'
    "Another day, I think I'll take the pony for a spin Do or die, I got +The Bluest Eye+ like Toni Morrison Get it...Toni Morrison? Attack the clones, I'm back to bonin' bony whores again Used to beat my meat,"
  • Sum 41 Fat Lip
    "Storming through the party like my name is El Nio When I'm a hangin' out drinking in the back of an El Camino As a kid, was a skid, and no one knew me by name Crashed my own house party 'cause nobody came I"

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