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London Grammar - Hey Now

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London Grammar - Hey Now
  • Lesley Gore Hey Now
    "(Ah ah, ah ah) Hey now (ah ah), what you gonna do (ah ah) Are you gonna be mine (ah ah) tried & true (ah ah) Hey hey hey now (ah ah), give it to me straight (ah ah)? Am I gonna be the one (ah ah) or just"
  • Cyndi Lauper Hey Now
    "INTRO CHORUS Hey now hey now what's the matter with you ? Girls just wanna have fun now. - come on Hey now hey now what's the matter with you ? Girls just wanna have fun now. 1. I come home in the morning"
  • Hilary Duff Hey now
    "Hey now, hey nowHey now, hey nowHave you ever seen such a beautiful nightI could almost kiss the stars for shining so brightWhen I see you smiling, I go, "Oh, oh, oh!"I would never want to miss this, cause"
  • MU330 Hey Now
    "Hey now hey now whets going on with him Never paid too much attention to it, always thought That we'd both make it through it, just a feeling that We both couldn't do better solid together, never fought"
  • Finley Quaye Hey Now
    "Hey now Where have you been You know that I've been waiting for you Hey now What have you seen You know that I've been looking for you My electric field My sound field Electric water Ebb tidal sound My"
  • Opus Hey now
    "I spend life working my fingers to the bone Dont ring my number Cause I wont be home Ive got a dream but its hard to survive When youre working from 9 to 5 Hey now, hey now Work it hard - gonna work it"
  • Peter Bic Project Hey Now
    "I'm just worried about it I can't stop think about it Here we are We came here to talk about it Little dirty thing I will never look to your eyes Never know her name Stop blaming me now! That night I was"
  • Hardcore Superstar Hey now
    "Hey now what are you doing to me Trying to run my life in your dreams I said hey now what you gonna do What ya gonna do when I come for you Hey now where are you going now? I don't really know and I don't"
  • Augustana Hey Now
    "sky black and blue, blue turn to red, it's quiet in the streets now, but it's screaming in your head, i ain't a fool, but i've got my doubts, say it doesn't hurt, it doesn't matter anyhow, anyhow... hey"
  • Tantric Hey Now
    "Feel me Why are you hiding Why are you siding What happened to my friend I see your Back now is turned to Me as I ask you Cuz I don't understand I don't understand I don't understand Hey now"

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