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  • Square Rooms - Al Corley
    "Thinking in square rooms a human without illusions Sad strains on a sad face is that what we've come to? Is the world bold this love old moving nowhere and it's gonna cold. The wind stops the clouds"
  • Square Biz - Teena Marie
    "Hee... Everybody get up Flash back, who's that dancin' to the latest Suave de bone, the greatest, ooh, he sure is moving me That's what I said though you didn't know yet Our love is was kismet, soon to"
  • Square 9 - Frightened Rabbit
    "My good big deeds I'd say are more like plans than concrete By day we'll colonise, by night we'll bring peace Keep all your hopes to compile a crooner's woes Work out how to, how to complete these You"
  • Calhoun Square - Prince
    "I don't like this much 2 drink I was there I know right now it's hard 2 think I don't care But it's time 4 U and me 2 wonder Why we're here Maybe we should roll 2 the rock and rumble Calhoun Square (Let's"
  • Liberty square - Udora
    "I see you for the first time as the golden age was pouredAll my love is still immune to changes like beforeWalking down the same street I was lifted off the floorI close my eyes and know its just too strong"
  • Square Go - Fish
    "I'm a soldier in the forever wars, no photos of a family in my wallet, Got no I.D., no credit cards, I don't exist, I never have. I never have. Raised in the jungles I quickly learned to read the trees, Schooled"
  • Washington Square - Counting Crows
    "I sold my piano It couldn't come with me I locked up my bedroom And I walked out into the air When nothing I needed Was left there behind I walked out through the shadows Of Washington Square I wandered"
  • Times Square - Destroyer
    "Jesus is beside himself Jacob's in a state of decimation The writing on the wall wasn't writing at all Just forces of nature in love with a weather station Artists and repertoire Hand in hand through"
  • Congo Square - Sonny Landreth
    "Congo Square Sonny Landreth, Mel Melton, Dave Ranson might be superstition but some kind of somethin' goin' on down there it might be superstition but some kind of somethin' goin' on down there it's an"
  • Square One - Abby Lee
    "Tell me, what is this fascination That I seem to be having over you It's not what I'm used to How do I get past this frustration I see you, I can't speak, it isn't fun I'm back to square one My heart"

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