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Mario Bischin - Tentacion (Extended Mix)

  • Touch Me (Extended Mix) - Angel City & Lara McAllen
    "You know how to love me When I make love all night I need you so bad, baby This is where you belong Don't make me wait so long Hold me, baby, drive me crazy Touch me all night long Make me love you, kiss"
  • Planet B-Boy (Extended Mix) - Woody Pak
    "Rock the the planet like Bambaataa From Osaka, Japan to Las Vegas, Nevada Top-rock scholar amount day street opera Bring a box make sure the beat's proper South Bronx boogie all over the break You might"
  • Hot Hot Hot!!! (Extended Mix) - The Cure
    "The first time I saw lightning strike I saw it underground Six deep feet below the street The sky came crashing down For a second that place was lost in space Then everything went black I left that basement"
  • Viva La Megababes (extended Mix) - Shampoo
    "Viva Viva We're such a hot sensation (WOW) What a creation Who's the latest teenage dreams On the front of every magazine We got our shades pulled down on the escalator Is everybody staring Oh"
  • So Hard (Extended Dance Mix) - Pet Shop Boys
    "I double-cross you And you get mysterious mail I've tried hard not to shock you It's hard not to With the things I could say Tell me why Don't we try Not to break our hearts and make it so hard for ourselves Why Don't"
  • Hollywood (Africa) (Extended Dance Mix) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Take me back Hold my hand All the way back To the brotherland Take me back I want to go back Take me back And my funky ass band All the way back To the broherland Take me back I want to go As fast as"
  • Sucker For Love (Extended Mix) - Erasure
    "I'm a sucker for love, all that's artificial Sometimes below the belt I hit you For without love hell freezes over And wherever you go searching know I'll want some Give me back my calling cards and vices My"
  • Fugitive (Richard X Extended Mix) - Pet Shop Boys
    "Now is the time of our lives But it won't last long We're strong and in spite of the fight You sing this song It's always a new day in heaven There's always a new way to heaven You my brother I'm really"
  • Ruby Tuesday (Extended Single Mix) - Nazareth
    "She would never say where she came from And yesterday don't matter if it's gone When the sun is bright Or on the darkest night No one knows...she comes and goes chorus: Goodbye ruby tuesday Who could"
  • Piece of Heaven (Extended Mix) - Akira
    "Piece of Heaven The minute you walked through my door I knew this love is forever more But then you told me all these lies See the tears filling up my eyes All I want is a little piece of Heaven All I"

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