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Marquess - Arriba');

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Marquess - Arriba');
  • Marquess Ni una sola Vez
    "Carina ya se ha idoCarla tiene un nuevo novio (que pena)Juliana, Isabel y Andreaantes ha pares ido ahora tambienNi una sola vez, sola vez, (ni una) sola vezTe he olvidado ni una sola vez, sola vez sola"
  • Marquess One to make her happy
    "Well for nine years or ten she was engaged to Dan she never thought of another male than she felt something new she didn't know what to do she wasn't sure if this love is true she was never happy she was"
  • Marquess Phat monkey
    "You play the songs that I wrote You think the thoughts I thought It don't make you no brother! Because you sleep in my room Doesn't mean I don't care When you talk to my lover! Come on and dance with me"
  • Marquess Ping
    "GOD I guess we all know that you're busy But there's somethind that I gotta know Finally I met a freaky lady Whispering in my ear: "I love you so" Ha-ha I don't know if she wants my money Or my TV Won't"
  • Marquess Pirate of my soul
    "She?s got my mind in her head She is a sexual heat She?s got my eyes in her bed And that is all that I need Just like a storm she appears For her it?s only a breeze The situation is clear She?s got me"
  • Marquess Freedomland
    "Mama My mind is dazed Am I ready to believe What everybody says? Help me I'm in despair I'm afraid of gettin' lost I don't know how to care // I need love // Freedom - come over me Won't you tell me how"
  • Marquess Freefall
    "Freefall, freefall All my life I have been searching For the person With the key People Ive seen Were only running After the same dream There were times I Lost my faith in Gods and angels Love and peace"
  • Marquess Futur love
    "Let me show you Some future love Let me show you My little girl You will find out You've been dreaming of A colour TV In your grey world There will be a fusion Of truth and illusion We will make the old"
  • Marquess God gave me a sign
    "In their bedroom They reformed his face Into a picture Turning him in every direction We know when, why, what Is god for you His head is working overtime Soul come true and decide It's just grown up Attitudes"
  • Marquess Reaching for the stars
    "Higher I?m flying reaching for the stars my dreams are all folding now I fell the fire Downhill I?m sorry We all the test of time I believe in myself now I?m the light I always do my very best to reach"

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