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Me gusta manu chao

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Me gusta manu chao
  • Jamiroquai Cosmic Girl
    "I must've died and gone to heaven Cos it was a quarter past eleven On a Saturday in 1999 Right across from where I'm standing On the dance floor she was landing It was clear that she was from another time Like"
  • Sonny & Cher I Got You Babe
    "They say we're young and we don't know We won't find out until we're grown Well I don't know if all that's true 'Cause you got me, and baby I got you Babe I got you babe I got you babe They say our love"
  • Sodom Indoctrination
    "Society divided, economy collapsed Violence and injustice Maltreated and suppressed Mind-controlled and brainwashed Ethical declined, unpredictability Breaking through the lines No freedom of speech, human"
  • Ariana Grande 34+35
    "You might think i am crazy the way i've been craving If i put it Quite plainly Just give me tchem babies So what you doing tonight Better say doing you right Watching movies But i ain’t seen a thing"
  • Ariana Grande Six Thirty
    "I know I be on some bullshit Know I be driving you crazy But I know you love how I whip it You can only stay mad for a minute Some come here and give me some kisses You know i am very delicious You"
  • mino Run away (도망가)
    "I am out of breath And my view is narrowing down I amy swallow all your memories up Cause i can see nothing I keep thinking about our conversation Soaked in alcohol Mixed with memories Dinking it up"
  • Sam Smith Kids Again
    "Can’t believe i still avoid est side Even though i know that you don’t live there now Lately you’re the only thing on my mind And i cn’t stop myself on drivin’ by your house Every time i hear a song It"
  • Martin Fitch (Marcin Mroziński) Legenda
    "Za lasem, za górą, Żył raz rycerz PawiePióro. Every day I think about tomorrow, Wanna see my Princess much closer. I've decided never feeling sorrow - I will share my heart when I find her. I'll"
    "yes i am night venom .... yeah raise by Jackob raise on back seat you better look around unles you hit the a ground give me that .. quite some time like a devil on a red light ... sound you down DEMON"
  • Ariana Grande Shut Up
    "My presence sweet and my aura bright Diamonds good for my appetite Guess it fucking just clicked one night All hem demons helped me see shit differently So don’t be sad for me How you been spending your"

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