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Mjochsm rude

  • Rude Boy - Raggasonic
    "{Refrain:} Les bads-boys sont l Les rude-boys sont l {x2} Man lve-toi et surtout ne baisse pas les bras Souviens-toi quand nos refrs taient des rois Je bluffe pas, black man sors de la lrega Rveille-toi"
  • Rude Awakenings - Dropkick Murphys
    "The bed was still warm where I slept From these hours I wish to forget With the night still fresh on my breath I awoke to the grim face of death I thought it was all just a nightmare I guess it was true As"
  • Be Less Rude - Frightened Rabbit
    "oh this is what we need a line in the sand I would cross to here before the tide comes in and you should be less rude you don't know what it might do for you I'd be less rude to you we might just get along,"
  • Rhythm rude girl - Angel City
    "Show me that rhythm Show me body talk No inhibitions No reserve at all She's electric She just seems to feel it She got soul affection in the way she walk Turn into liquid With her legs on fire Gold and"
  • Rude Awakening Time - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) It's time to make it better, it's rude awakening time So write it in a letter and you can clear your mind You make me very happy, you make me very sad It's time to make it better, the best"
  • Rude Boy (Skit) - Cam'ron
    "Hello Yo dis Cam'ron Yo who dis Yo what the blood-clot u mean who dis, yo bregerin word roun here is ya fuck de pum pum star yo pum pum what do u mean thats my pum pum dats my gyal ya dig out"
  • It Ain't Rude - Moistboyz
    "Well I know what you're thinkin' happens all the time being drunk is cool sliding in the pool well i don't see a real big problem cuz i'm no more this way just because you suck 1 dick it don't mean that"
  • Ruder than rude - The Busters
    "I'm going pissed to church and sing The Russian national hymn I like to fart in libraries And do it with a grin I fuck, fuck, fuck my best friend's girl And tell him she's a slag And in a crowded aeroplane"
  • Eat The Rude - Vile
    "(Lyrics: Urteaga Music: Davis) He eats the flesh Of those who are so rude Ingenious mind that preys upon The essence of the soul Insane with serpent senses No feelings no emotions Capture your thoughts Then"
  • You're so rude - Rod Stewart
    "My mom she likes youShe thinks your swellGot the makings of a dance hall girlYour lowcut frock and your birds nest hairStepping up heels and the way that you smellShe says to take you backTo see my folks"

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