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Naomi Shelton

  • Smile - Terra Naomi
    "on santa monica there's a store that sells trees plants and more a big green forest on the pavement right next to the needle exchange the people walking by their paths may cross but none know why the"
  • Something Good To Show You - Terra Naomi
    "Oh my god this is our life Were living like their victims Living like the captives Tired of sitting thinking dark thoughts Contemplating motion Time to become active Do you know that your lies Burn as"
  • Jenny - Terra Naomi
    "Jenny i think youve lost your mind Jenny the friends you thought you had Have left you all behind Jenny theres truth in unkind words sometimes Take what you need and leave the rest for someone else to"
  • Up Here - Terra Naomi
    "Roll into your town and Im walking around Got some extra time think Ill throw some money down And you follow me around and youre asking for the time Your asking what I found think Im gonna rob you blind maybe"
  • Time - Terra Naomi
    "If you could wait for me Id set you free From the place where you often hide And all the pretty things Weve done and seen Fall away from a clear blue sky I know you know You are The loveliest In your"
  • Goodbye Letters - Terra Naomi
    "Feels like clouds today The sky is gray The sun been hiding for a while People walk by the window of his car Look in, lock eyes Betray their thoughts with a smile Cause you know your gaze is cold and"
  • Wait - Terra Naomi
    "The sun shines in california Many days a year Peaks its sunny head out in the morning And by evening disappears It doesn't wait forever And you won't wait forever And birds sing in california Many days"
  • The Game Changed - Terra Naomi
    "And for tonight I am alone and a girl like me shouldn't have to beg to know what's in your head what's in your head You're in your head and a girl like me shouldn't have to guess no it's not my job but"
  • Ghosts Of Happy Endings - Terra Naomi
    "Well it's been a hundred hours since i don't know when I climbed up to the roof and climbed back down again Why'd you go away? Why'd you go away? Well i chewed up all my nails and spit them out and then I"
  • Beauty Fades - Terra Naomi
    "Maybe she was one once Do i see my future in her presence I can't stop staring A shopping cart is all she has now And a bleeding heart never paid the bills and Beauty fades Down on sunset boulevard No"

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