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  • Olive Liberty
    "There's a gentleness within There's a kindness that she'll bring Through her eyes of sadness lies All her love for him Imprisoned every day A handsome price to pay Even when she's done her time She'll"
  • Olive Smile
    "Smile, you'll steal away my soul Smile, I'll hide away and cry My mind's made up I will shudder to see your eyes Smile no doubt I'll keep my pride But It may be hard to find There's nothing left Handed"
  • Olive Speak To Me
    "I've seen something new Seems that it's in you Now there's something I must do There's so much more To forgive you for My lips unread I'll try something new Open up to you What more can my conscious do There's"
  • Olive Take My Hand
    "Leave your mind Far behind Just be free You will see I know now What I found It was here With you near Take my hand To the place We can smile For a while There are clouds We can call Heart's desire You"
  • Olive Trickle
    "Trickle down my sadness Watch it fall and wash away Now that I have got this far Im leaving you Never coming back to hear you say Missing you has pained my day Come to me and hear you say All that we have"
  • Olive Love Affair
    "When you find someone to make your dream They respond with loving care His reluctance to contrive his life Her apparent debonair In the wake of what she called her right Here was something they could"
  • Olive Push
    "Like what you see Love what you hear Smile when you feel My foolish tear I'll break my silence now Hold back my pride I'll stake my claim on this In me I'll confide Will you leave before the dawn (please"
  • Olive Trust You
    "I don't know what I'm supposed to have said But I can imagine what's in your head It's not that you don't trust all that I do It's just that you would have if it were you Trust me, tell me Truthfully,"
  • Olive At your will
    "You look awake and I can't let go.But those eyes are blank, and you can't be free from yourself.A room dressed in white, but you'll never know.I stand by your side. And you can't be free from yourself.And"
  • Olive Geraldine and John
    "See the bright red sports car, see the happy coupleSee their clothes so white and their skin so pinkSee them playing squash gotta keep their bodies suppleHow they kiss goodnight but tomorrow they'll be"

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