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  • A Little Wrong - Pati Yang
    "I was just a little wrong Didn't know that this could hurt Now you vanished from my world I think I finally understand How your laughter made me cry But my tears have made me strong And the girl that I've"
  • Coming Home - Pati Yang
    "I am coming home See for yourself Now you will know God has listened You asked him to bring me - I am here I traveled in search of the miracle But it brought me nothing but pain and I saved my tears for"
  • Kobieta Ikar - Pati Yang
    "Kobieta - Ikar leci dłużej, bo jest lżejsza. Powietrze ją unosi i wiatr ją chwyta pod ramię. Wzlatuje bez nadziei, uśmiechnięta jak gejsza Po czym spada (po czym spada) tak ciężko jak kamień x2 Zlatuje"
  • Outside - Pati Yang
    "Take me home For one day Wherever home would be All I Touched around burned My fingerprints Clarity has dried my throat And I Can't hum any more Lullabies about us Sky will keep my secrets crushed within"
  • Over - Pati Yang
    "I am going over for you Over limits Crushing eggshells This is the day when the saints step down Just to save me from myself another day's sinking deep inside I can't carry on this far The evening's taking"
  • Red Hot Black - Pati Yang
    "Is that you name The lone stars crave In Red Hot Black On naked arms in solid smoke I recognize The burning face I used to love Look what you did to me I am not the woman I used to be I am chasing tales"
  • Stories From Dogland - Pati Yang
    "Did you know The east was a dessert I had a feeling I met you before Is it because I move without being present Toward the sun I don't know where did it go Don't Lie God like People Fake. They're Cheaters Preachers All"
  • Summer of Tears - Pati Yang
    "I seat neatly, just like you told me I don't move, nor complain only speak when I am hungry Or when there's nothing else to say So where do I go If you are not here I am breaking the rules I wade in the"
  • Supernatural - Pati Yang
    "Last night a part of me has died I killed it and I cried Buried all questions inside My soul is so full lies The mirrors covered in ash Oh, And the sun won't shine again In the same beautiful way In the"
  • Timebomb - Pati Yang
    "I'm killing time With a timebomb Ticking right through Days gone by here, without a proof Reasons to put those last few words into Of our last ever crime Before I'll place my heart in your hands And your"

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