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  • Spirit The Earth Aflame - Primordial
    "Beneath the Bronze sky a Horizon in Flame The Oceans Boil The Earth heaves ...and seethes there is a new Sun rising that has not Risen for Thousands of years Prophets have Written Songs have"
  • To The Ends Of The Earth - Primordial
    "I am the eye of the storm Axis Mundi, I fall to my knees I've realised my dark dreams, father I have become... I spread my seed Have I not brought you to these Ends of the earth that I defy No effigy shall"
  • Bitter Harvest - Primordial
    "A moment of clarity It spoke to me in tongues It spoke to me of ruin Of destitution, and of pain Where night, it never ever Seems to come To ease the misery of the day Degenerate whores Expose their stinking"
  • Dark Song - Primordial
    "I am the wind that breathes on the sea I am the wave, wave on the ocean I am the ray, the eye of the sun I am a tomb, cold in darkness I am star, the tear of the sun I am a wonder, a wonder in flower I"
  • Fuil Arsa - Primordial
    "Mairfidh ar bhfuil go deo I gciorcal timpeall na cruinne A dheite arsa... Ta ar Aine fs ar lasadh Tog muidne do mhuintir... Go siorai An rud a eirionn n gcre Fillfidh se aris Ta na coillte suilta agam Mhothainn"
  • The Gathering Wilderness - Primordial
    "You say you know me I'm the Poison in your veins My Faith is not welcome here I Break the young and the cold There is a Darkness here You cannot imagine you cannot fathom It speaks to me in tongues Can"
  • The Golden Spiral - Primordial
    "One day I stood with my back to the wind And the rain fell down Raised my fist to the cobalt sky And called to the Gods ...Where are you? I stood in the stream with cold clear water Rushing around me Cold"
  • The Song Of The Tomb - Primordial
    "From the north to the south From the east to the west All that waits for me is the grave I have been where my brothers lay fallen And my kind are as slaves Bloodied yet unbowed I sing a song of the tomb Of"
  • Tragedy's Birth - Primordial
    "The crippled oracle breathes his lungs like grit His blackened hands, like maps of ungodly lands Skin as leather, burnt by the sun This world is not for him, this world is not for You nor I When the Gods"
  • Among The Lazarai (Eternal Reap Sonet I) - Primordial
    "Ceremonial beauty beneath a bitter moon Perditious souls danse their danse Winter withered silence were once my tomb In eternal frost, a dark romance Listen, such angels of the end do weep As knowledge"

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