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Propaganda rządowa łooo łooo

  • The Propaganda - Limp Bizkit
    "Uh, yeah! Tell 'em how to sell it this propaganda Don't tell me how to keep my composure It ain't over 'till I get me some closure Wanted dead or alive here's my profile Hostile is the frame for my"
  • Propaganda (Live) - Sepultura
    "Why don't you get a life and grow up Why don't you realize that you're fucked up Why criticize what you don't understand Why change my words, you're so afraid You think you have the right to put me down Propaganda"
  • Rolex Propaganda - At The Drive-In
    "At The Drive In Miscellaneous Rolex Propaganda pinch history feel the pinch blistering pinch me in dreams cause I'm still not listening x marks the spot on your calendar days a beard half eaten smiled"
  • Propaganda Sukcesu - Andrzej Rosiewicz
    "1. Szła sobie drogą z kulawą nogą,głodna i biedna, obdarta z marzeń,deszcze padały, psy ją szarpały,szarpali też dziennikarze.Już przez nikogo nie kochana,jak nocna służba, jak druga zmianazapomniana przez"
  • Rolodex Propaganda - Iggy Pop
    "pinch history feel the pinch blistering pinch me in dreams cause im still not listening x marks the spot on your calender days a beard half eaten smiled crawling with legs temper tampered temperature manuscript"
  • Propaganda - X - Superior
    "I came to you To save your souls To reveal to you- Truth of fear and pain And maybe tonight Release will come to you I am the one Who'll take the load Away from your bones And I proclaim now: (Chorus:) Never"
  • Terror Propaganda - Craft
    "We are messengers Of future times to die We will show you the way And you need to follow us This is the dawn of your race And the dusk of your enemies For they will need to be killed Killed...killed...killed...killed"
  • Rolodex Propaganda - At The Drive-In
    "Pinch history feel the pinch blistering Pinch me in my dreams cause i'm still not listening X marks the spot on your calendar days A beard half eaten smiled crawling with legs Temper temper temperature Manuscript"
  • Satanic Propaganda - 1349
    "Guided by the voice of silence, I seek the chosen ones To fulfill the wishes of the master beneath Their souls are mine to keep sold for hopes and dreams Signing with their own blood I rule their destiny I"
  • What Propaganda Hides - Path Of Resistance
    "Suppress what gnaws, nurture the myths In the silence of their conscience Cut through excuses til I clearly see Truth not opinion, fact not fantasy Sentient beings' freedoms denied Fight to see through"

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