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Runaway runaway

  • Runaway - Mr. Mister
    "She plays it so dramatic, a silhouette of soul It's automatic, he won't ever let go She wants a tender lover, a clean and honest man Why she keeps on running, I just don't understand Chorus: Runaway,"
  • Runaway - Acel Bisa
    "You've been lying Since the beginning You're cursed, you're mad Now I know better... I won't listen You just want to steal my life I'll runaway from you And to the light, I will come Runaway from you And"
  • Runaway - Misfits
    "As I walk along, I wonder what went wrong, With our love, a love that was so strong. And as I still walk on, I think of the things we've done Together, while our hearts were young. I'm walkin' in the rain,"
  • Runaway - Jamiroquai
    "Can you dig it Something in the air tonight Got a one way ticket Baby, don't you wanna ride Got to make it Make it to the other side I've got demons Snapping at my heels tonight (CHORUS) I just want to"
  • Runaway - Marillion
    "(Helmer/Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) Did you cry when they dragged you home Put a lock on the door and the telephone Was a runaway girl all they could see Have the nights and the days that you've"
  • Runaway - Bruno Mars
    "Ohhh. Ohhh woah... So easy to forget our love, All of the little things we do, Like calling for no reason Just to say the words "BABY, I LOVE YOU" I know lately, I've been busy But a second doesn't go"
  • Runaway - Gary Allan
    "As I walk along I wonder What went wrong with our love A love so rare and strong And as I walk along I think of The times we had together While our hearts were young I'm walkin' in the rain Tears are"
  • Runaway - One-21
    "wicked hearts where the violence starts caused all the death that i've seen so far since Eden we've been cursed and i know that i'm the worst every thought in my mind is evil and i hate all other"
  • Runaway - Remedy
    "(Anderson/Cichon) A love like ours is slightly out of time here We need to find a way to set our souls free Oh come away if you wanna know A perfect place Where only love grows Moon and tide sing a song"
  • Runaway - Melanie C
    "Continuously Question Where this road is leading to This good vibe my intention There's something I feel I need to do Gotta run baby run baby run Gotta run baby run baby run Gotta run baby run baby"

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