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  • Ariel Pink Beefbud
    "Eb Db Beefbud F Bb Beefbud Eb Db Beefbud F Bb Beefbud Ab Eb Beefbud behind the patio Bb Gb Aooo catacombs Bb design a stereo and Bb Db AbDb leave"
  • Ariel Pink Gopacapuclo
    "Why don't you go out with my girl? Wouldn't you ..., I cried We'll match you with a bonafide girl ... bonafide in my mind To whoever it may concern Will I love you when you deal a dud? She won't call"
  • Ariel Pink Among Dreams
    "Fm Bb Eb Ab Among dreams, we're best friends Fm Ab Eb Fm While in life we float apart Eb Cm Bb Cm It bothers me that you"
  • Ariel Pink For Kate I Wait
    "Wait, wait, I wait for Kate (No, she's never coming back to you) I wait, I wait for Kate so late (No, she's never gonna miss you) Demonstrate, my Kate, we mate (I cannot place her) I bet on straight,"
  • Ariel Pink Haunted Graffiti
    "You know that never's coming back And this is the end Again, the weather's turning black Like never before This ain't no game that you can cheat off, no She's playing you You've been running on haunted"
  • Ariel Pink The List (My Favorite Song)
    "this is my favourite song the list when this song became my favourite song i wrote the list it sat on top for weeks it pushed the others down down but I never reached the bottom of the list and I would"
  • Ariel Pink Are You Gonna Look After My Boys?
    "Are you gonna look after my boys? Are you gonna look after my boys? And after my baby So she don't run off with my soul boy And after my boys Are you gonna look after my boys? And after my baby So she"
  • Ariel Pink Gray Sunset
    "Is anything important now? I don't know What seems to be never Will befriend you What seems like miles May be just fine Do the streets make A haste for the sun? I will travel further Than the missiles"
  • Ariel Pink The Doldrums
    "i'm living with myself today with barely anything to say i'm living with my problems and can't do a thing about them i'm living in the doldrums cuz i'm not you cuz you don't love me like i love you the"
  • Ariel Pink Envelopes Another Day
    "foreshadow my papers dress the living room with your tears and a smile a clashing rain drops to the ground when you miss, you kiss your wounds next to me are your silly notes that came around and reversed"

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