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SMAGALAZ Dorzucamy do Grilla

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SMAGALAZ Dorzucamy do Grilla
  • Do G Do domu
    "Nowych wrażeń i przygódNie zatarł jeszcze czasStukot kół miarowym taktemDo snu utula nasChoć zmęczenie się odbijaNa niejednej twarzy brudnejStacja wciąż za stacją mijaI już coraz mniej jest nudnoDo domu"
  • Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Junior's Grill
    "Mashed potatos, lima beans, redeye gravy, collard greens, cutest waitress you've ever seen, down at Junior's grill. Sweet Ginger brings your plate, always hot and never late; top it off with a chocolate"
  • The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Junior's Grill
    "Mashed potatos, lima beans, Redeye gravy, collard greens, Cutest waitress you've ever seen, Down at junior's grill. Sweet ginger brings your plate, Always hot and never late; Top it off with a chocolate"
  • Pretty Ricky Grill 'em
    "We, we dem, we dem, we dem Blue StarsWe, we dem, we dem, we dem Blue StarsWe, we dem, we dem, we dem Blue Stars Got blue ice in our chainGot blue ice in our teethNow show yo grill manGrill em, grill em,"
  • Mike Jones Do It Big
    "Mike Jones Who? Mike Jones Who? Mike Jones I charge 5 for a flow (do it big nigga) I charge 7 for a show (do it big nigga) I'm major without a major deal (do it big nigga) Fifteen Thousand in my"
  • Juelz Santana Do My Thang
    "Lil Wayne-And My Grill Is Ill,Ice Bright White Like Jaleel, Did I Do That? Throwing Up Signs Like Im Lil Frat Eagle Street Match See Me When You Wanna, Find Me Im The Owner, Them Yellow Diamonds Looking"
  • Brian McKnight Whatcha Gonna Do?
    "Tell me no if you don't like it I know what that means But it's different from when I touch you Ain't tryin' to fight it Got a playa all excited, wonder if you can ride it Straight out the Maseratti On"
  • White Boy Do Dat Dance
    "Excuse me miss what's your name The way you move you hips its a shame And that dude you wit is lame Me and you can spit in my range But I see you here wit your man I just asked for the quickest dance He"
  • Terror Squad Watcha gon do
    "Yo, yo, yo, yo... Yo, yo, yo, yo... Yo, yo... It's hard to explain how my squad can harbor the strain Of bein' the largest name in rap, arm of the game Regardless of the fame, my ruggish terrain was the"
  • Jay-Z Do It Again
    "(feat. Amil, Beanie Sigel) Roc-A-Fella Y'all know what this is We givin y'all five seconds to put your drinks down and report to the dance floor immediately All the bustas we giving y'all five seconds"

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