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Shame, omd

  • Shame - Pink Cream 69
    "Opened up my eyes and saw the sky Over meadows where I lie Then I heard the children cry In my sleep I saw a distant light It arose and left in flight Then the shadows faded to white In the night Why"
  • Shame - Monrose
    "Our final a conversation It lies heavy on my mind And although we couldn't say it I think we know Shame we can't go back this time For love and desperation Is there writing on the wall And when"
  • Shame - Planet Smashers
    "All the lies and turned up eyes stares like they're to blame It seems you're trying to control but you can't trick me this way Shame, hey, I won't play your game, Hey, they're driving me away, Hey, I"
  • Shame - Hardcore Superstar
    "feels like yesterday since she took my lust away nothing really matters anyway bloodsucker her name, she's envy wrapped in a frame affection's no guarantee, say hello to her best friend mrs. jealousy she"
  • Shame - Endo
    "SHAME Take me low Feed me slow Leave me empty Nothing's right when they've all found you guilty Shame that you can't see That all the things that pass through me Makes me say Rape me slowly Take my"
  • Shame - Counting Crows
    "Blue morning , Blue morningWrapped in strands of fist and bone.Curiosity, Kitten , doesn't have to mean you're on your ownYou can look outside your window,he doesn't have to know.We can talk a while, babywe"
  • Shame - Joe
    "She never gave a reason why It's possible my love Wasn't strong enough Now that love is said and done Come and turn around Maybe is better in the long run Girl it's a shame Things that you say"
  • Shame - Clockwise
    "Let me bleed you through the stage, I saw those pain but You still hide your hate, I'm not the only one, cares of your ass, There are too many of them Die by die, I feel like emergency last, In my mind"
  • Shame - Evelyn Champagne King
    "Shame Burning, you keep my whole body yearning You got me so confused It's a shame Sometimes I think I'm going insane But still I want to stay Wrapped in your arms I Is where I want to be f want to be,"
  • Shame - Elle King
    "you feel it creep creeping at the tempo don’t you need it pumped pumping til it crumbles trouble, trouble’s what you need that’s what you get in getting me from the bottom of your soul shame /4x mama"

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