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Silke Bischoff

  • Hold Me - Silke Bischoff
    "A lot of trouble the hole nigt through,a lot of tears for me and you. We fight like mad dogs. You throw glasses at the wall, I say words I shouldn't say and you run away. A few days later you're on the"
  • On The Other Side I'll See You Again - Silke Bischoff
    "Do you remember slow-motion times With little golden stars? I see you trumble in the streets I hold your hand in the cinema A piece of heaven in a rotten world Aou disappeared in a roaring night I could"
  • No Paradise - Silke Bischoff
    "Can you tell me where's the light in your eyes I remember you laughing like a child Now you talk tome with a failing voice Looking so much older than you are Can you tell me babe Where are the stars"
  • On The Other Side 93 - Silke Bischoff
    "Do you remember slow-motion-times With little golden stars? I see you tumble in the streets I hold you hand in the cinema A piece of heaven In a rotten world You disappeared in a roaring night I could"
  • Benetton-Girl - Silke Bischoff
    "She's looking like a living doll A real buty nice and clean Dressed up like a model in a fashion magazin She's fresh like cold orange-juice No alcohol she dosn't smoke She's still living with her parents And"
  • Close Your Eyes - Silke Bischoff
    "You can close your eyes I hold you like a child, your head on my shoulder The taste of your tears You think that I', so strong But it's hard to find the right words I feel like a schoolboy When I sing"
  • Silke's Calling (Intro) - Silke Bischoff
    "I was living in a dream Before you kissed my bleeding lips I pray to youi, I'm on my knees You were dying for my sins I'ver gone too fare, I've lost control I'm falling, I'm falling Silke's calling Silke's"
  • The Union - Silke Bischoff
    "You and me in a family Never alone, no one's on the phone You and me in a little house Making love the whole day through The times we have been going through Does it mean anything for me and you The union"
  • Loretta young silks - Sneaker Pimps
    "Got answers for everyone, endless excuses Not happy for anyone, cos I'm trying to break your click-track heart Seen a vision of perfect grace, airbrushed and lifeless All contempt and aftertaste it's like"
  • California Silks And Satins - Man
    "California silks and satins Rustling in my ear Clutching softly at my laughter Touching every tear Burning slowly Burning slowly Somebody said that somebody saw you laughing California whisky rainbow Help"

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