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Sinisstar Drug Related

  • Drug Me - Dead Kennedys
    "I don't want to think Don't make me care I wanna melt in with the group I need the balls To leap out of my shell And let go with my friends Can't come up with anything I want to do I need a project I can"
  • Machine Drug - Jesus Jones
    "machine drug, machine drug all my life i've wanted things the happiness that they might bring but most of all i want things now it really doesn't matter how i can see that the world will die and i've"
  • Drug Song - Crack Rock Steady Seven
    "I wake up and every single day people make me sick and get in my way. so you take a load of and you smoke a little pot, I drink robitussin and drink alcohol alot. the drug song, the drug song so all you"
  • Same Drug - Cold
    "I bet you'd never come down From your tower for me I'll let you take it real slow While I try to decide Never would've loved you Should've left this town Never would've loved you But everything"
  • Drug Girls - Velocity Girl
    "bet you didn't mean to turn them into heroes we dont need to no more 'as we love those drug girls liv in a perfect world drug girls are left alone in my living room headlines are overblown open"
  • Getaway Drug - Bebe Rexha
    "You hit me up at 3 A.M. on a Friday night Say you ain't feelin' right You need to see my face right now You ain't over it, just wanna talk a bit If you wanna talk, let's talk about the way you left"
  • New Drug - Luna Halo
    "You're the cause of friction You're my sweet addiction, oh, oh I could never shake you I think they know when they see my eyes And I feel you messing with my brain And I feel your poison in my veins,"
  • Drug Addicts - Lil Pump
    "it’s drug addicts babay, baby whole gang full of drug addicts took a lot of sit forgot what happened I ain;t gon lie I got a habit I swear to God you can’t be on my status start the day off with a pint I;m"
  • New Drug - Thousand Foot Krutch
    "I want it, I need it I taste it, I breathe it It fuels my aggression It fuels all my questions I cannot conceal it It hits me, I feel it It kills me, I bleed it Now I believe it I, I want it I, I need"
  • Favorite Drug - Styles P
    "(feat. Rashad) Somethin 'bout you, I don't know, HA HA~! Yeah... Heyyyy-yayyyyy You're the one (yeah) You're the one, yeahhhh (that's what it feels like) You're my favorite drug (you're my favorite"

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