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Sister of mer

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Sister of mer
  • Akinyele Sister, Sister
    "(Tanya Howard & Niguay Fa) I'll be your friend Though I love you like my brother I could never be your lover, baby Hook: (Akinyele), (Tanya Howard) Sister, Sister (You're like a brother to me) Sister,"
  • Sarah Brightman La Mer
    "Ancient unknown mammals On a stormy sea Like Buddha in the water A velvet energy As the night takes over The spirits of the deep Marvel at his majesty The whale is in his sleep Oh, la mer You're shimmering"
  • Heartsdales Sister Sister
    "(J&R) Which one do you wanna be with? Come on! *1 (R) ! Now I'm trying I'm crying (What? What? Wanna take you on a ride wanna get a little high come on) ! , show me (Which one now?) ?? *2 (R) That's"
  • Halou La Mer
    "A perfectly symmetrical design Delicate, unaffected by the hands of time Can one know intentions Of what has created you Can one ever be certain That their perception is true Show me your inner"
  • Frameshift La Mer
    "I lie awake wondering who I am My dreams don't seem to make any sense Imagination running wild It can't satisfy my need Oceans taunt me I'm a patron to the coast Dark seas, cool breeze Today the tide"
  • Obsidian Voice Sister my sister
    "I am never far away Am always here to stay Right by your very side And I am always in your dreams To keep away the schemes Of demons in your mind And I take the shadows of your fears The scars behind your"
  • Lake Of Tears Sister Sinister
    "A place so scarlet in a well, tide is creeping up so tell Stories of her golden time, night coming and the stars Listen to her voice again, sister sinister will say Sister sinister will say how you're"
  • Depeche Mode Sister Of Night
    "Sister of night When the hunger descends And your body's a fire An inferno that never ends An eternal flame That burns in desire's name Sister of night When the longing returns Giving voice to the flame Calling"
  • Thompson Twins Sister Of Mercy
    "She lives in a big white house The rooms are lemon and she's devoted to life of keeping this house just right, ooh, ooh The weekends are perfectly nice ooh, ooh And she doesn't talk when he comes home"
  • Vince Neil Sister Of Pain
    "Theres a little old place Down south of le grange Where the whiskey flows and The nights go on for days My home on the range Theres a sultry queen set her Sights on me Was the best damn thing that i Ever"

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