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Skid skids skids are week

  • Only One Week - The Honorary Title
    "Have your lips graced another's yet Or am I the only one? Everytime I try to speak to you Those are the thoughts that run Say something else, girl I don't want to have to leave Our communication is hardly"
  • Skid Row - Merle Haggard
    "Well not long ago I was a happy man Money in my pockets with the rings on my hands My money's all Gone and I'm feelin' low Standin' on the corner of Skid Row My girl friend left me she don't want me no"
  • Skid Mark - Sunk Loto
    "loosen the pants zip down loosen your mind shit down hang flang make it flow it'll slide down below its far to big to fit down that pipe just chop it up and scoop it out release the gasses release the"
  • Star For A Week - Steve Harley
    "Anxious mother pleads, come home, dino I can't believe that's my boy they're talking about His dreams are in his motor-cycle Swears he's gonna sort 'em out He's going barefoot like the man with no name Gonna"
  • This Week The Trend - Relient K
    "And this week the trend was to not wake up till 3pm I picked the few conscious hours that I chose to spend and slept away the rest of them and this week the trend was to crash and burn and then return"
  • Flavor Of The Week - American Hi-Fi
    "she paints her nails and she don't know he's got her best friend on the phone she'll wash her hair his dirty clothes are all he gives to her and he's got posters on the wall of all the girls he wished"
  • End of the week - Donna Summer
    "I get out of workand then I throw away all of my caresI get out of workand then I wash the week out my hairMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdayit's hard as could bebut by old Friday eveningwe're free,"
  • Flavour of the week - American Hi Fi
    "She paints her nails And she don't know He's got her best Friend on the phone She'll wash her hair His dirty clothes Are all he gives to her And he's got Posters on the wall Of all the girls He wished"
  • Days Of The Week - Charlotte Martin
    "It's Monday morning and the coffee's on the brill The sun's a warning, sending signals to the moon I rise and fall in my accustomed rusted habits I cant believe myself And I can hardly stand it anymore It's"
  • Where Did This Week Go? - Get Smart!
    "Give me some time, I'm too slow I need more time, don't you know That I'm tired, I'm wired Don't spend hours planning for me I won't be here when my time is free Yow, don't you see, that's not me Next"

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