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Straight otta compton

  • Compton Bomb - Mc Eiht
    "Geah In the house for the 94 shot Eihthype in the house, uh Half Ounce in the house Compton bomb, Compton bomb Geah West side nigga You know what's happenin' Get ready for the funky ass shit >From the"
  • Compton Watts - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "Hahaha, this is 4 all you fools dat don't know what's up yet... (dre'sta) I come ruff, I come real ruff And get 'nuff stuff. Demolition bustas, leave 'em like suckas. I'ma bastard not an actor, Bitch"
  • Fuck Compton - Tim Dog
    "Oh shit mutherfuckas step to the rear and cheer 'Cause Tim Dog is here Let's get down to the nitty gritty And talk about a bullshit city Talking about niggaz from Compton They're no comp and they truly"
  • Compton Hoe - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "(dresta) I like big butts, but big tits drive me nuts And heres another cut from the compton slut The naughty nigga named dresta, the westside gangsta Comin back with more skills, than the buffalo bills I'm"
  • Straight - Lincoln
    "I'm straight today Curious Will I be fast and furious Totally oblivious Haven't got a clue I'm straight today Petrified Will anything be magnified I'm not exactly qualified To know just what to do I'll"
  • Straight - Agents Of Good Roots
    "Lyrics: Myers Music: Myers Lyrics: The moon was drifting over Jordan As the street lies under control And then she slips into the middle Head on, the hour takes it's toll With blues from a fountain Keep"
  • Straight - Amanda Palmer
    "there is a boy in a band who is friends with my ex-boyfriend's high school friend christian a very nice gentleman he seems to know me but i can't remember him good god forgive me i'm out of my element and"
  • Streetz Of Compton - The Game
    "Game: Now everybody wanna know the truth about a nigga name Game I come from the hub and every ghetto aint the same alot of people already know exactly where its at 'cause its the home of the jackers and"
  • Compton - Beenie Man - Guerilla Black
    "(Beanie Man) Zaccka Zo Ona-na-na-na Guerilla Black where you from Zaccka (Guerilla Black + (Beanie Man Ad-Libs)) I'm strictly business, just like E-P-M-B I'm B-L-A-C-K from the C-P-T (Beeyaaa!)"
  • Raised in compton - Compton's Most Wanted
    "Compton is the place that I touched down. I opened my eyes to realise I was dark brown. And right there in the ghetto that color costs. Brothers smothered by the streets meaning we're lost. I grew up in"

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