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Supertramp - Babaji

  • Ain't Nobody But Me - Supertramp
    "Let me tell you a story that'll make a change, Let me tell you when I'm way out of range; It's about a man who's crueler than me, So promise not to cause a scene, Heaven help the one's you love, There's"
  • Sooner Or Later - Supertramp
    "Sooner or later it's gonna get better Sooner or later I'm gonna get over her You know I can't go on like this It's just a matter time There'll come a day when I will wake up Without her on my mind Sooner"
  • Free As A Bird - Supertramp
    "When a spirit is broken Why go on When there's nothing to say And a love just a token It was strong Now it's fading away Ah but I'm free as a bird As I walk right out that door You have my word I won't"
  • Cannonball - Supertramp
    "You're tellin' lies, so don't you criticize Yeah I got used, all messed up and abused You let me down, with all your runnin' round Still you pretend and try to call me friend don't say a word, I know"
  • From Now On - Supertramp
    "Monday has come around again I'm in the same old place With the same old faces always watching me Who knows how long I'll have to stay Could be a hundred years Of sweat and tears At the rate that I get"
  • Breakfast In America - Supertramp
    "Take a look at my girlfriend She's the only one I got Not much of a girlfriend Never seem to get a lot Take a jumbo across the water Like to see America See the girls in California I'm hoping it's going"
  • Give Me A Chance - Supertramp
    "In time this fire will turn to ashes The sun will fall out the sky Still you see no urgency To spend some time with me Time with me I can't believe you haven't noticed Just how long I've been waitin'"
  • Rudy - Supertramp
    "Rudy's on a train to nowhere, halfway down the line He don't wanna get there, but he needs time He ain't sophisticated, nor well-educated After all the hours he wasted, still he needs time. He needs time"
  • Crime Of The Century - Supertramp
    "Now they're planning the crime of the century Well what will it be? Read all about their schemes and adventuring It's well worth a fee So roll up and see And they rape the universe How they've gone from"
  • Downstream - Supertramp
    "Took a boat Sunday, down by the sea It just felt so nice, you and me We didn't have a problem or a care And all around was silence, everywhere You are the reason I was born Be with you through all seasons I'll"

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