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Tak������e me chairc

  • Take Me - Korn
    "You bumped into me I was down and you took me up past the ceiling You are the disease I'm the remedy that numbs all your feelings You come looking for me I'm the only one that keeps you sound I bring you"
  • Take me - Donna Summer
    "Oh baby, I've got all this love, it's more than enoughoh baby, I'm filled with desire, I'm caught in your fireoh baby, you've got the power to turn me onYou knew it, you looked in my eyes, you read in"
  • Take me - Grand Funk Railroad
    "Come and dance with me, take me all the higher. Put your arms around me, make me feel much righter. Come and love with me, we can move real slow to the music. Come make love with me ... Oh ... CHORUS Come"
  • Take Me - Urge Overkill
    "I just don't really need it Like I don't need you Yes I don't really need it And be mean to you not long for this life not long for this world wooooahh t-t-take me take me back"
  • Take Me - George Jones
    "Take me, take me to your darkest room Close every window and bolt every door The very first moment I heard your voice I'd be in darkness no more Take me to your most barren desert A thousand miles from"
  • Take Me - Planetshakers
    "Verse: Hear you voice A gentle whisper Calls from deep whithin On my knees my heart it crys out I'm longing to draw near Hide me now under the shadow of Your wings Lord into your presence I will run Chorus: Take"
  • Take me - Stacie Orrico
    "From your walk to your style From your lips to your smile Got me feelin like a child And baby I just want it all for me Baby tell me that it's all for me From your kiss to your touch Got me needin it so"
  • Take Me - Dreaminfusion
    "Breaking down the wall Of shiny dream your wicked eyes tell me About your little world Like a fading voice screaming in silence. Take me, take me Above this selfish game Of easy play but ephemeral"
  • Take Me - Madonna
    "You are who you are (are are) I'm so in love with you What can I do That's where you take me You take me Take me Take me Love me What can I do What can I do A box of chocolates A football team Flowers"
  • Take Me - Papa Roach
    "Take me and let me in Don't break me and shut me out So take me and let me in Don't break me and shut me out I lit my pain on fire And I watched it all burn down Now I'm dancing in the ashes"

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