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The Afghan Whigs MATAMOROS

  • Crime Scene Part One - Whigs Afghan
    "Tonight, tonight I say goodbye To everyone who loves me Stick it to my enemies, tonight Then I disappear Bathe my path in shining light Set the dials to thrill me Every secret has its price This one's"
  • Bulletproof - Whigs Afghan
    "Love I can't hide But it's been easier Since I said it now Love It don't end And I can't buy A friend I waited long The waiting's over So get on down This time we go a little lower The sun has broke I"
  • Double Day - Whigs Afghan
    "It was a Saturday I came home early drunk with love And other things I must confess I love it all Pretend that I can hardly wait To wipe that smile off of your face It's only when On that you can depend Later"
  • Faded - Whigs Afghan
    "You can believe in me, baby Can I believe in you? What you don't know Can hurt you, child All the things a mind can Do to you If I go bad From time to time Love to love but love is not My only crime Bathe"
  • Creep - Whigs Afghan
    "The 22nd of loneliness and we've been through so many thangs I love my girl with all honesty But I know she's cheatin' on me I look her in the eyes but all she tells me are lies that keep me near I'll"
  • If I Only Had A Heart - Afghan Whigs
    "When a man's an empty kettle He should be on his mettle And yet I'm torn apart Just because I'm presuming That I could be kind of human If I only had a heart I'd be tender, I'd be gentle And awful sentimental"
  • Blame, Etc. - Whigs Afghan
    "My lust it ties me up In chains My skin catches fire at the Mention of your name No matter what I tried 2 do I could not lose it Now I know my heart Is being used But what I'm not allowed to have I never"
  • Debonair - Whigs Afghan
    "Hear me now and don't forget I'm not the man my actions would suggest A little boy, I'm tied to you I fell apart That's what I always do This ain't about regret My conscience can't be found This time"
  • Be For Real - Whigs Afghan
    "Are you back in my life to stay Or is it just for today oh that you need me If its a thrill you're lookin for well honey I am flexible oh yeah Just.... Be for real wont you baby Be for real wont you baby you"
  • The Temple - The Afghan Whigs
    "Andrew Lloyd Webber--Music Tim Rice--Lyrics 1970 Leeds Music Ltd. Moneylenders and Merchants: Roll on up--for my price is down Come on in--for the best in town Take your pick of the finest wine Lay your"

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