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The Cab - Lock Me Up

  • Lock Hospital - Christy Moore
    "As I was a-walking down by the Locke Hospital Cold was the morning and dark was the day I spied a young squaddie wrapped up in old linen Wrapped up in old linen as cold as the day. So play the drums slowly"
  • Lock-Out - Enemy You
    "Growing up with no words to say Went to school dreading everyday Watching all those boys and girls that were so predictable Went to the show for some fresh air If I belonged it would have to be there All"
  • Lock down - Mac
    "I was on my way upstate, for felonies, Mac'll never see The sunshine, these good old times, it's haunting me My family is wanting me to break free Plus it's looking as if I'm about to die, in the arms"
  • Dead Lock - Barren Cross
    "Smoke and fire on your lips again Desire strikes you out and wins Bang goes your head again locked in chains Little do you know it's got you bound 'til you go insane They glorify that feeling in their"
  • Cab Driver - Hank Thompson
    "CAB DRIVER Writer C. Carson Parks Cab Driver, drive by Mary's place I just wanna chance to see her face Don't stop the meter, let it race Cab Driver, drive by Mary's place Cab Driver, once more round"
  • Cab Driver - Daryl Hall
    "Standing in the rain Cab comes into view Ask me, "Where am I goin to?" Running for so long Been gone too many nights And my heart has paid the price This ain't heaven This aint the life bargained for My"
  • Lock Up Your Daughters - RipChord
    "Ladies and gentlemen I'd love to introduce myself to you And If you meet me on the street Then be aware of what I'll do The face outside called me and says I won't go away, I won't go away He found"
  • Cab Ride - Tweet
    "Taxi...take me to his home. I wanna give him all of me cause I'm alone The world is quiet I wouldn't mind Mere conversation Can you be my ride? What's your fare? (oh oh oh oh yeah) Mister can you take"
  • Cab driver - Hall & Oates
    "Standing in the rainCab comes into viewAsk me where am I goin toRunning for so longBeen gone too many nightsAnd my heart has paid the priceThis ain't heavenThis aint the life bargained forMy reason for"
  • Taxi Cab - Bruce Springsteen
    "Taxicab, taxicab at the light Won't you take me on a ride Through this city at night I got some money and I'm feelin' fine I ain't no hurry so just take your time Some people wanna die young and gloriously Well"

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