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Toy story beodes

  • Sex Toy - Seraphim Shock
    "Out past the garden gates Where Halloween still reigns The moon as blood foretold For the star for the goat My naughty fuckin machine A fallen angels dream My catholic school girl treat For the dead Nazarene Sex"
  • Toy box - Soundgarden
    "Eyes to sun, she lays in peace Eyes bear complacence Brown, the meadow grows tall to the sun Seasons have come, they have gone Buried in dirt, her torso lays One limb dangles Brown, the meadow grows tall"
  • Toy Soldiers - My Vitriol
    "It wasn't my intention to mislead you It never should have been this way What can I say? It's true, I did extend the invitation I never knew how long you'd stay When you hear temptation call It's your"
  • Mousey Toy - Xiu Xiu
    "How did I end up here curled up on this couch? where did you learn such a bold wink whisking me off to your bedroom? mousey toy this continent is lit by the holocaust beneath my ribs (between my"
  • Toy Soldier - Britney Spears
    "Yeah smash on the radio Bet I penned it Britney, (break me off, OHHHH) Toy soldier Britney, (break me off, OHHHH) Toy soldier Britney, (break me off, OHHHH) Toy soldier Britney, (break me off, OHHHH)"
  • Toy Town - Christy Carlson Romano
    "(To see the toys at Christmas time) Gonna Bring You Down To Toy Town Better Take A Warm Coat For The Ride Gonna Bring You Down To Toy Town Oh Your Really In For Quit A Surprise Yes Were Gonna Go Down"
  • Broken toy - Kane
    "I think you know, because it's all newThe people you love, are hard to findSo i think if i, were in your shoesI would be kindAnd look out for youCome rain come shineWhat good does it doI guess i'm a toy"
  • Cuddly Toy - The Monkees
    "La la la la, la la la, la, na na La la la la, la la la, la, na na You're not only cuddly toy That was ever enjoyed by any boy You're not the only choo-choo train That was left out in the rain the day"
  • Toy Collection - Katie Melua
    "I will not sell my toy collection If I did I would weep Whos to say what you need and what you dont On a desert island theyre the things Ill keep Some children had their parents read them stories Well"
  • Broken Toy - 3moonboys
    "Get down to work or out To staying alive in here All the time two steps Day by day, year by year till death Do it or not Like a part of a toy machine Your mission is to exist You are a funny toy in the"

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