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  • Girl In The Moon - Darius
    "How can I sleep tonight? Tell me how mars survived Fallen with stars - She opened her arms... Venus was in my sky. How could it pass me by? You silently served my time, Even thru chains, Rust and"
  • I'm Not Buying - Darius
    "So many times we find ourselves here - Looking just about anywhere But in each others eyes, I'm wondering why... So many chances brushed then wasted, So many matches almost won in injury time -Nobody"
  • Dive In - Darius
    "So what's it all about? I can't work you out... There's a chemistry between us Getting hard to disguise - Still you're holding back, Some kind of panic attack - Treading water when you Really should"
  • I Gotta Know Tonight - Darius
    "I feel vulnerable, I'm scared... I hang on every word like Like there's a hidden meaning. It caught me unprepared... Now I'm climbing up the wall That stands between us. I keep hoping it's my imagination,"
  • Sliding Doors - Darius
    "Another Friday night, And the week is over - Got a bottle of wine And a meal for one, Never could have known She was walkin with me in the rain. Another back to back, Down the escalator, Beat the"
  • Simple Like The Truth - Darius
    "I love you You love me But you never say that to me, I want you You want me So how come I don't believe? It's in the way you kiss my face, And in your every move... Won't you tell me something"
  • Better Than That - Darius
    "I thought I knew you Better than I knew myself girl, I thought I found you Hiding in the strength that's in your eyes, But now I see you Burning all the bridges in your world, Now I feel you Sinking"
  • Mercury Rising - Darius
    "Eleven days, A dozen nights, A thousand tears... And you are my shoulder. From summer's haze, on morning light, The sun is rising... Just like I told you. If you fall - I'll never let your spirit"
  • Chrysalis To Butterfly - Darius
    "Night-time We're not alone if we dream together Of the good times We got through coz we won't surrender Head on my shoulder glass of red wine If we left the night behind We have won this already"
  • Gotta Know Tonight - Darius
    "I feel vulnerable, I'm scared I hang on every word like there's a hidden meaning It caught me unprepared Now I'm climbing up the wall that stands between us I keep hoping it's my imagination Playing tricks"

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