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  • Barbie Girl (Aqua Cover) - Tsunami Bomb
    "- Hiya, Barbie! - Hi, Ken! - You wanna go for a ride? - Sure, Ken! - Jump in! (CHORUS:) I'm a Barbie girl in the Barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere Imagination,"
  • I Am Alone - Tsunami Bomb
    "back porch with moonlight like sicko kisses for lips and finger tips more hits than misses for once. once the wind was blowing to busy knowing and that night has long since gone and i am alone i am alone"
  • Mushy Love Song - Tsunami Bomb
    "For our first date We went to Denny's We saw my grandma there and She said she liked your spikey hair I was so shy 'Cause you are such a handsome guy I liked you all that time and And now you really are"
  • Planet Shmanet Janet (Rocky Horror Cover) - Tsunami Bomb
    "(scream) I'll tell you once, won't tell you twice You'd better wise up, Janet Weiss Your apple pie don't taste too nice You'd better wise up, Janet Weiss I've laid the seed, it should be all you need You're"
  • Roundabout (Demo) - Tsunami Bomb
    "1 A.M. the venue closes down. It's been a fine day We're on a great big road trip from coast to coast The map is in our head, wave goodbye and off we go Free from normal life so many cool kids, so"
  • Irish Boys - Tsunami Bomb
    "Sittin on a Friday all alone to the pub I dare to roam I walked right in and took a seat cute drunk boy I long to meet Sat alone no one bought me drinks, I gave up cuz Irish Boys stink! Open the bottle, step"
  • Obligation - Tsunami Bomb
    "Run, run around your racetrack Don't stop, don't even look back You've got to leave it all behind You'll find this situation is somewhat unkind Yeah you've got lots of money But your nose is really runny Your"
  • 3 Days And 1000 Nights - Tsunami Bomb
    "You've crossed into our territory Take caution and care, traps concealed everywhere We know you're here, we'll take our time We like to slit throats and it's not such a crime This is a intrusion No time"
  • Cantare Del Morte (The Halloween Song) - Tsunami Bomb
    "Do you remember the days of yore? Horror films filled with gore That's when we'd scream and shout That's when the ghosts came out! Little Spanky learned his game His tale puts all to shame On that fateful"
  • Breakaway - Tsunami Bomb
    "Poor you, you brought this on yourself Don't look at me for help You're on your own this time Not gonna let you bring me down Not gonna turn my world around for you anymore It's time to break away (away) No"

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