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Usher - Can't Let U Go

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Usher - Can't Let U Go
  • Steve Hackett Can't Let Go
    "Your face is like an angel But what if you won't let me touch you You could change into a dragon But what if your flame is imagined Feel like I'm lying on a bed of nails You're taking the wind right out"
  • Royal Hunt Can't Let Go
    "Kind of faraway country,million miles from our homes Have no reason to be here - now, see how it goes Sharing "wisdom and progress", but we're armed to the teeth escalating this madness - tell me, why"
  • Faydee Can't Let Go
    "Can't can't can't go Can't can't can't go Can't can't can't go Can't can't can't go Can't live a day without you baby Oh no… If you're not here I don't know what I'm living for You stared right in my"
  • Linda Kiraly Can't let go
    "I want the end to begin but not without you,so easy for me to speak not complete my actions,divide me that way I can love and hate you baby,torn between stayin' or keepin' you with me,I can't let go.This"
  • Amerie Can't Let Go
    "Yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Oh oh Whoa yeah I never knew real love, real love Till you were mine And I And I never knew each touch Between us would feel like the first time The very first time, well See"
  • Roxy Music Can't Let Go
    "Well I rush out blazin' My pulse is racin' As the rain streams down my face There's no turning back now To fight with fate Outnumbered, out of place They said go west young man, that's best It's there"
  • Sammie Can't Let Go
    "Man that girl just got you wrapped around her finger man You bout sweatin' her, can't let go (I aint trippin' man, she just pretty man) You must be crazy (yeah) Naw that's not what you was talking"
  • Dead Moon Can't Let Go
    "Ain't it strange how we risk it all For one last shot befor the curtain falls Cause you know I can't let go It's a crazy feeling that we can't control This sound of freedom called rock and roll And you"
  • Anthony Hamilton Can't Let Go
    "No matter what the people say I can't, I can't let go No, no Why must they try to tear down my house when they know it's made from love And they could never stand in my way We made a vow to love through"
  • Mariah Carey Can't Let Go
    "Oooh Can't let go Oh baby Oooh O yeah Mmh O yeah There you are holding her hand I am lost Dying to understand Didn't I cherish you right Don't you know you were my life Even though I try"

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