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  • Strike Force - Power Quest
    "When you feel in danger Everyone's a stranger now What more can you do? When you feel uncertain Behind a twitching curtain, yeah Where else can you go? All alone, there's no one left for you Fear unknown,"
  • Carnivorous Force - Severe Torture
    "Voices in my mind Driving me insane Visions of mutilation Of all divine thoughts Spreading chaos and death Mass genocide Seeking human beings All are meant to die To end in misery To suffer and rot To"
  • Force Ten - Rush
    "Tough times demand tough talk Demand tough hearts demand tough songs Demand... We can rise and fall like empires Flow in and out like the tide Be vain and smart, humble and dumb We can hit and miss like"
  • Centrifunkal Force - Gman Blues
    "Centrifunkal Force Purple smoky starlight fills the night Seedy men with watered whiskey crowd in tight. There's a girl who drifts 'n dances, rides a pole, she makes advances Dances round and round and"
  • Irresistible Force - Bee Gees
    "In the name of love and life Turn your face to the lonely night But you're not alone when she calls you home And this your world is on the edge As good as lost but you know the way Through this faceless"
  • Inner Force - Heathen Foray
    "Another year, Another time of struggle You went with us through all the highs and lows you can imagine Another year, another time of real big fights Standing on stages only for you my dearest friends"
  • Supernatural Force - My Insanity
    "It's one o'clock in the night Doors make tremendous noise This is the night of the night Come in our world of neverending might Follow odor of fire Come in our world of neverending might You wake up"
  • Silent Force - Altar
    "Send back to primal life Where man rules the other one A young mind so confused What's the purpose of it all Wander in chaotic darkness Usual reaction has gone A strangulation atmosphere Commands the fall This"
  • Magnum Force - Heltah Skeltah
    "(feat. The Representativz and Rustee Jux) This goes out to my Magnum Force When we lay a nigga out they come and drag him off May the Force be with me and if not our fault For LIFE, fuck alla y'all "
  • G-Force - Sonic Youth
    "Don't be a fool girl He's taking you all the way We have gone to burn you up You've all gone to burn me up Got to, real life You make me feel so stupid I wish it was five minutes before yesterday Do you"

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