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  • Time For A Change (P Judd) 4:06 - Split Enz
    "You act as though You are a blind man who's crying Crying `bout all the virgins that are dying In your habitual dreams, You know, seems you need more sleep But like a parrot in a flaming tree I know,"
  • Stranger Than Fiction (P Judd, T Finn) 7:06 - Split Enz
    "Stranger than fiction Larger than life Full of shades & echoes It's the story of my life Just like a picture book Daddys gone away Leaving Mummy in her room With another one on the way "
  • 06.18.06 - 16th Avenue
    "I remember when, the shock set in, and knocked the wind out of me, like it was yesterday. The look of an empty chair, mom's still there, dinner's prepared, the usual, can I be excused? Lay me down, and"
  • Anche Solo Per Un Attimo - Bloom 06
    "'''Bloom 06 - Anche Solo Per Un Attimo''' Niente frasi straordinarie niente per convincersi. Se tutto questo non ha pi senso non ha pi senso restare qui. Troppe scuse da inventare troppe le abitudini ed"
  • When The Party's Over - Bloom 06
    "'''Bloom 06 - When The Party's Over''' When the party's over and the girls are older will you still be hunting for somebody new ? will you still be dressing like you do ? When the party's over and your"
  • Cielo Splento - Bloom 06
    "'''Bloom 06 - Cielo Splento''' L'inquietudine che sporca l'anima ti fa credere che non ci sia un'opportunit Ti lasci vivere come forse non hai fatto mai ma non sai cogliere ogni singolo istante che"
  • Don't Say These Words - Bloom 06
    "Bloom 06 - Don't Say These Words There's a lot of things that can knock upon your door There's so much that you've got to live that can bring you to the floor You can turn around when there's no more"
  • Per Sempre - Bloom 06
    "'''Bloom 06 - Per Sempre''' Se fossi pi ragionevole mi basterebbe solo fingere di essere chi non sono stato mai e sopravviverei Ma a questo punto mi sento come se se ogni cosa che abbia un senso suoni"
  • The Crash - Bloom 06
    "'''Bloom 06 - The Crash''' I Flew straight up to heaven and I thought that we could never hit the ground but I was blind cause what I saw was just my fantasy I screamed but silence came out no more air to"
  • Vorrei Essere Come Te - Bloom 06
    "'''Bloom 06 - Vorrei Essere Come Te''' Vorrei essere come te sei ancora cos fragile e vedere il cielo come lo disegni tu poche nuvole tanto blu E vorrei l'emozioni che non ricordo pi quella forte intensit Da"

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