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alban albanski
  • Dr. Alban Free Up Soweto
    "Rhythm killer hey rhythm killer Killer rhythm I tell you this one is a killer rhythm When mi come a Soweto say mi hear killer rhythm From Soweto a say mi go a Cape Town From Cape Town a say mi a"
  • Dr. Alban Gimme Dat Loven
    "Baby you remember the first time we met at home Your love was full with sugar and spices You give it to me one time Mi love it two times You give it to 3 times mi love it so nive Mi love it to the"
  • Dr. Alban Go See The Dentist
    "Go see the dentist A mi say open your mouth A mi say open your mouth Hello hello let's go and clean it up Follow me I will show you the way Hello hello just come and take a seat Please relax while"
  • Dr. Alban Hard Pan Di Drums
    "Hard hard pan di drums Here is about a wanderer He wanders from place to place With his drums in a the hand No destination Them a beat the drums hard Hard hard pan di drums Cause he knew nowhere"
  • Dr. Alban Home Sweet Home
    "I have been everywhere There is no place like home sweet home A mi say once upon a time mi live a long from home Far far from home Far far from home Say mi travel everywhere but home is the best"
  • Dr. Alban Let The Beat Go On
    "Choosing BPM Is a big problem Choosing BPM Is a big problem A lot of people get hurt Just for nothing Due to inability To make their mind Make up your mind Before it gets too late Action speaks just louder"
  • Dr. Alban Look Who's Talking
    "Look who's talking nowLook who's talking comon comonLook who's talking shut your mouth Me know a pop star we call him mr xHe has a very very complex attitudeHe said some nasty things about I and iHe even"
  • Dr. Alban Sing Hallelujah!
    "Sing Hallelujah Sing Hallelujah ! A B C is like 1 2 3 The beat, the rhythm, the song, y'all come on Happy people, come on Jam with me, oh Lord, come on, come on Happy people, singing people, perty people Happy"
  • Dr Alban Away From Home
    "Hey, baby, Come here! Chorus: I can feel it comin, Its comin after me Its trapped in my soul, and it wont let me free I can see it in the night, in a vision of life Oh, what could it be comin after me? Check"
  • Dr. Alban Cash money
    "You are welcome to pay in Dollar nor Pounds Deutsch Mark, Swedish Crowns Cash money Cash money is he root of all evil With cash money you can get anywhere you want You are welcome to pay in Dollar nor"

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