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aleluja wersja ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������lubna

  • Ito (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "Since we started our relationship, It seems it's been for almost a year and a half When it becomes so We have our quarrels and talked about separating The time which we put in together is Slowly Gradually Decreasing. Each"
  • Jyunanasai (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "A woman at Tokyo Station without any lingering affection, having been stepped on: I'm tired, because there's no reason left for me to live I thought the happy days would go on forever Inside me, there's"
  • Maggots (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "A dictator has a big nose and throws up vomit on his saliva Every word is doubtlessly real. A mutational feeling destroys the image as if it is accustomed to do so. The opinions and ideas which are for"
  • Miseinen (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "I was frantically looking for something It's okay to stumble, so go forward I know it's foolish, I just run on without regret The only one I can trust is myself, I didn't need friends The fangs I bared"
  • Bartroom (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "Why can't I sleep? I was fascinated by the silence. It is empty to talk to myself in a damp room again. Why can't I sleep? Because I saw you. You look down at the wet floor. Leaning the head while sleeping. I"
  • Okuribi (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "Though until yesterday we were laughing that cheerful I am fine you said to me like that you were saying it Even if the visiting time in the hospital passed by I stand with you Try hard I said and Don"
  • Regret (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "Noticing the loosened thread, I should've kept tight forever. That which overflowed and spilled out, seems the same color as you that day. Gathering up, the words you abandoned Putting them to my ears"
  • Chizuru (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "In your letter there are only words I cannot read I want to meet you hear it from your mouth Weak with white which I can't get used to Just a sigh echoes Though I'd be saved if I only knew the color of"
  • Cockcroach (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "Trash smell~ I am moving on a deep and muddy bottom and Wearing unrecognized feathers. Am I "attractive"? The "unreasonable" action suits me, doesn't it? That's fine. I'm living, spoiled very f***'n"
  • Reila (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "Reila Since I've met you, how many of the same wounds have I sustained? How many have supported me? I wanted you to tell only me when you were hurting instead of anyone else The truth is burned into my"

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