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always be back

  • Always Be My Home - Rachael Lampa
    "Your heart will always be my home, No matter where I go, No matter what may come. You'll be my shelter in the storm, a harbor safe and sound, where only true forgiveness can be found. But still, I wanna"
  • Be With Me Always - Cliff Richard
    "May she wake in torment Never to find Any kind of comfort In death May her lies satanic That corrupt even now Bring her back to confront Me again These are words of hatred Words of contempt "
  • Always Be My Baby - Atomic Kitten
    "Out of sight, out of mind. That's what they all say but I learned that aint the truth with me and you babe time cant change a good thing lovin you is something I still feel you'll always be my...baby Chorus remember"
  • You Can Always Be Gone - Catie Curtis
    "She spent the summer in Chicago Spent the winter in LA She can run faster than a river Sometimes I still hear her say You can always be gone But you can't always make the ride go on and on You can always"
  • Always Be In The Game - Jason Dean Bennison
    "Yeah! Come on, come on! Here we go! You gotta fight me, because the game is always coming to you Deception! Power! Hoping you fall through! Never underestimate the power of one! With truth on your side,"
  • I'll Always Be With You - Yoko Ono
    "I just went to the corner To get some bread and butter, Dad called, he'd got your letter, This is his new number. Chicken's on the burner But wait for me if you can, I'll be back soon, honey, Big kiss"
  • Always Be - Jefferey Gaines
    "I know it's hard to count on anything Cuz no one knows just what tomorrow brings Still here we are, we've shared so many years We've come this far, there's nothing to fear You will see You and me Will"
  • Always Be - Jimmy Eat World
    "Could have been a night like any other One of us has to drive One of us gets to think I'll force a laugh to break the silence It's gonna get harder still Before it gets easy You can't keep safe what wants"
  • Always Be - Larue
    "if you cry, i will cry with you if you laugh, i will laugh with you if you need a time to talk, i'm there if you want to share your dreams, i'll care and even though i know, that we're far away i know"
  • Always Be - Kulcha
    "(Verse 1) Girl i've been waiting for so very long Just to say the words i do Just wanna let you know, I feel for you Come let's settle down my love All that i have i will give to you I'm gonna love you"

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