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  • Anger Rising - Jerry Cantrell
    "Written by Jerry Cantrell Alabama trailer park they call home Boy standing at attention in the corner his own Terrified, scorpion crawling the wall By the way father, could you please beat me some more?"
  • New Anger - Gary Numan
    "I've read the papers Look at this They say that I'm all over I don't know They're not the first ones to try So try Again What's the fashion? Is it good? I'll need some convincing If you've got it Then"
  • Anger Seething - Steel Prophet
    "As you pull me through this mental cesspool Feelings of anger are seething all through me My eyes burn red and my blood is boiling Malevolent forces you've provoked in me The blaze that lies behind my"
  • Without Anger - Good Riddance
    "There are some things I can't appreciate And when they're gone I won't deliberate Without heart we'll never make it work Accusing the world but you're playing the game Scream 'till it hurts but it's"
  • Rage & Anger - Gentleman
    "what is the reason for your rage and anger fear and doubt you a generate that a somethin you fi put asunder life goes on and you got no time to wait you came into the world so clean and pure opportunities"
  • Love & Anger - Kate Bush
    "it lay buried here it lay deep inside me it's so deep I don't think that I can speak about it it could take me all my life but it would only take a moment to tell you what I'm feeling but I don't know"
  • Anger Management - Methods Of Mayhem
    "Tommy lee - I don't deny I'm in the public eye seems like 24/7 being Watched by a spy makes me wonder why they don't live their Own livestheir not news reporters-they're full of bullshit And lies leave"
  • St. Anger - Beginner
    "Aggro Eigentlich geht es mir gut, ich will chillen und bin jung, doch heute hab ich Bock auf 'ne Runde Wing Chung (Ich bin Aggro) um mich abzureagieren nach 'nem harten Tag mach ich'n Attentat und nehm'"
  • Releasing Anger - Hodinem
    "(Yo! Hodinem'z in tha muthafuckin' house) When no-one's watchin' I'll fuck ya spouse I'm quick wit my rhymes, all da fuckin' time I fucked your bitch, cracked open your wine I'll always be around, No-one"
  • Determined Anger - Am I Blood
    "Heading for the planet, there's a chance To find your head from the ceiling Let me hit the door with a can Full of fingers, I'm praying Born to be human another day with a Candle's end Thinking about my"

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