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annn naklab supergirl

  • Supergirl (Demonstrations Skizze) - Kashmir
    "Supergirl Maybe I can't kill you off after all Supergirl I don't want to kill you off after all Open hands catch the light you're after Breathe again fill the moon with laughter Kill the man in his house"
  • Superlungs My Supergirl - Donovan
    "Come take a walk in sunny South Kensington Any day of the week. See the girl with the silk Chinese blouse on, You know she ain't no freak. Come loon soon down Cromwell Road, man, You got to spread your"
  • That's Really Super, Supergirl - XTC
    "I can't hold you down If you want to fly Can't you see I'm all broke up inside Well just you use your two X Ray eyes Hurt like Kryptonite Put me on my knees Now that I've found out just what you're"
  • Circles Around The Sun - Anna Naklab
    "Lifted from the ground carried by a gentle breeze lantern in the clouds reaching for stratosphere only when I look down I release how far I´ve come Circles round the sun I feel like I could burst in"
  • Whole - Anna Naklab
    "We both know The things we’re not (We don’t need no one to tell us) What this is Like we forgot (We don’t need no one to tell us) They are the liars and we are the truth Nothing they say comes between"
  • Superlungs - Donovan
    "You see this kind of chick in every town Whenever there's a scene she's always hanging around She's so nave and innocent, stares at you with awe She's only fourteen but she knows how to draw Supergirl,"
  • Super girl - Stereo Total
    "Hey Supergirl (Supergirl)Tu sors de ton Austin MorrisEt te dhanches comme une actriceTa petite mini de chez ArmaniEst tout ce qu'il y a de plus sexyHey Supergirl (Supergirl)Ton rouge lvres de LancasterDonne"
  • Super Girl - Gin Blossoms
    "It's been such a long time since I've seen you around I ran into your brother who said you were back in town It's just so funny to see you in this dive It must be so different when you're eight miles"
  • SuperSexyWoman - Sufjan Stevens
    "She's a superhuman girl she is Superwoman she is Superman's cousin she's got superpower lovin' she's got superpower eyes and see-through superhuman vision she's got superhuman thighs sexier than"
  • My Angel - Pimp C
    "I wanna dedicate this song to my momma, knahmtalkinbout? Happy birthday momma (hey momma, sheeeit) happy birthday Through all the bullshit niggaz tryin to kill us, yup Yeah, y'knahmsayin? Uhh The false"

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