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banshee kendra

  • Bold Marauder - Kendra Smith
    "Bold Marauder By: Richard Farina It's hi, ho, hey, I am the bold marauder! It's hi, ho, hey, I am the white destroyer! For I will buy you silver and gold and I will bring you treasure, And I will bring"
  • Drunken Boat - Kendra Smith
    "Down to the sea in a drunken boat No one can get to her tearing up the words she wrote Down impassable rivers What does she care for a crew Light as a cork she is dancing On the waves of the deep sunk"
  • Get There - Kendra Smith
    "What do we do when we get there Replies must at present be based We kissed the flask and returned it Fine silk to its hidden place High above these heavens Uncouth forms which none ever knew Infinite shapes"
  • In Your Head - Kendra Smith
    "They tell him that he should be dead Radionic thugs are getting in his head He sorts it out by sound and vibe Knowing that it's all true and it's a lie In your head ... Tries to wrap his car around a tree But"
  • Judge Not - Kendra Smith
    "Judge Not speak hardly at all love and Act for that is your Will abandon fruits of the work Every action offering Initiate to be transformed Indicates Regeneration Judge not speak hardly at all love and"
  • Space Unadorned - Kendra Smith
    "Where do I begin and end in space She wondered as she flew into the night And heard it calling her name In the country, A. was with her then Once again she heard a silent voice Telling her to stop you're"
  • Temporarily Lucy - Kendra Smith
    "Crawling through the window winding down the alley She was never sinned nor would she be my Sally Leaning on the sill taking down the water Riding on the wind entwining with your daughter You know that"
  • Valley of the Morning Sun - Kendra Smith
    "In the valley of the morning sun, Midday sun, evening sun - Oh yeah In a lighter than air machine, Aereon Queen of the skies, We are flying lighter than air We are flying without a worry or a care Gliding"
  • Concrete Waves - Kendra Morris
    "Did you ever ride a concrete wave? Did you ever ride a concrete wave? Did you ever ride a concrete wave? What it say? What it say? Pavement cracks just an accident Pavement cracks just an accident Pavement"
  • Olga I Cannot - The Toy Dolls
    "- " I think I'll call Kendra. Hello? It's Olga. C-can I speak to Kendra, please? - " Just hold on a minute pet. Kendra? Olga's on the phone, do you want to speak to him? - " Ahh! I cannot! I first saw"

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