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  • This Bed - Kisschasy
    "The barrel shot lead into me, Now all can taste is the bullet. A shot hole in my vanity, And I can't find a place to put it. Well you look like my type so get in line, Take a number and I'll give you"
  • Rachel's Bed - Kernaghan Lee
    "Well they say a part of Rachel died The day her true love took his life She stayed on at the old homestead And sleeps alone in a cold, cold bed She doesn't need no-one She drives into town in her old tray"
  • Bed Remix - Plies
    "It's Plies baby, let me go tuck 'em in My baby just called me and told me to cum put her to sleep She said her period just went off, feel like she in heat I been feinding for her, I couldn't touch her"
  • Bed Abuse - Owen
    "I spend most days in this bed that I abuse On these pillows that you can't get used to I spend entire days putting off that which can't wait Until I'm knee deep in my own waste And I think that I'm justified Cause"
  • Warm Bed - Jamie Foxx
    "Baby if we leave clubbin' Won't be nothing but lovin' Cause I got a warm bed, I got a warm bed [2x] [1st verse] Damn it's hot Floor is locked I can't believe all the ass that you got Talkin' slick girl"
  • This Bed - Alicia Keys
    "Here I am And I been thinking about you lately Hold my hand Cause I been missing you like crazy Don't wanna go all night, Every single night Wishing we could do it, oh (Do it Right) Do me Right Come"
  • Bed clothes - Nathan Hamilton
    "Take me home my sweet Jesus I have lain my bed clothes out I have seen my shares of trouble I don?t believe I care to see no more She left her ring by the sink Now that she?s gone that gold ain?t worth"
  • My Bed - Yung Prince
    "Chorus X(5) In my bed girl it's where it all goes down Lay ya body down girl don't make a sound In my bed! My bed is like trademark the way the people visit it! Bitches wanna fuck me cause they know I"
  • Burning Bed - Alice Cooper
    "Baby, don't you shed a tear for me Well I wouldn't want to waste your time You talked a lot of trash and you lied to me But babe, you never even tried Oh, oh, oh You can hold my heart for ransom But you'll"
  • The Bed - Tom Jones
    "I wake from trouble sleep in the middle of the night Reaching for the soft hand that once held mine so tight My fingers touch the pillow where you once layed your head And I run my hand down the cold cold"

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