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  • believer - Christina Millan
    "christina millan Miscellaneous believer verse1 life is what you make it aleast thats what they say well i think im gonna make it fufil my dreams one day ifeel this fire growing deep inside of me im so"
  • Believer - Oasis
    "(First verse) I thought love was only true in fairy tales, Meant for someone else but not for me, Love was out to get me, (Baddabudumbadum) That's the way it seems, (Baddabudumbadum) Dissapointment Haunted"
  • Believer - Susanna and The Magical Orchestra
    "Didn't think you would trust me Thought you would see what I see This days have been good for me too But I can't stay You know why Didn't want this to end like this Thought I might could convert These"
  • Believer - Christina Milian
    "Life Is What You Make It At least that's what they say Well I think im gonna make it Fulfill my dreams one day I feel this fire growing deep inside of me Im so inspired knowing that its my destiny I breathe"
  • Believer - American Authors
    "I’m just a believer That things will get better Some can take it or leave it But I don’t wanna let it go I’m a little bit sheltered I’m a little bit scared I’m a little bit nervous I’m goin’ no where I’m"
  • Believer - Brooks & Dunn
    "(Ronnie Dunn) What do I do to make you love me Baby, like I love you Why do you keep the key to your heart Behind a door I can't get through Chorus I have faith I hide my time I'll be all right I'll"
  • Believer - Onelinedrawing
    "So long, bye bye Sad, but in a way it feels nice I understand I wouldn't have stayed either, believer You're truly through with me But it's all right now, you're finding out It's like I'm drunk Can't see"
  • Believer - Blue Cheer
    "(Gary Yoder & G.R. Grelecki) You're a young man now and You toss the hair from your shoulders Feeling strong and All the young girls are coming on bolder Back at home you know the old folks just get older Why"
  • Believer - 30 Seconds to Mars
    "Life Is What You Make It At least that's what they sayWell I think im gonna make it Fulfill my dreams one dayI feel this fire growing deep inside of meIm so inspired knowing that its my destinyI breathe"
  • Believer - 8 Foot Sativa
    "Something inside is taking my life Can't kepp on going like this All of the time there was no kind That could make you believe in what is true Come on satan give us another death Look on to us and tell"

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