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bell book

  • Open Book - Cake
    "She's writing, she's writing, She's writing a novel. She's writing, she's weaving, Conceiving a plot. It quickens, it thickens. You can't put it down now. It takes you, it shakes you, It makes you lose"
  • Open Book - Tahiti 80
    "You feel you have nothing to hide It's dazzling like a star, yet there is something inside Beautiful and dangerous like a rose Something telling you, you shouldn't get too close Don't try, Because (Chorus) You"
  • Open Book - Sacred Reich
    "Lazy, boring, uninterested Amused by myself Distasteful, abhorring Trapped in this self An open book, turn the page What do you see Mark your place, take a look What do you see? What do you see? What"
  • Black Book - Blur
    "Put away my black book Throw it on the fire Getting out the side door You are my one desire Baby when you hold me I feel see you're everything Baby when you touch me I need nothing no more Put away my"
  • This Book - Peter Hammill
    "Away from the past, this chance is the last, we are changing completely, we are moving the feast, we are motion. I've seen you become the bride of the sun, you surrender so sweetly, sacrificing yourself"
  • The Book - Magazine
    "This man is at the door of Hell...somehow it seems to be his destination after a life of subtle stubbornness. He doesn't expect to find himself waking up out of a dream...he doesn't expect to pinch himself"
  • Green Book - Steely Dan
    "My coat is black and the moon is yellow Here is where I get off As you can see for yourself old girl in the Green Book I tango down to the smoky lobby My eyes adjust to the light The new cashier looks"
  • Open book - The Rakes
    "You are not an open book I can't do nothing 'bout that But I'm worried, I'm overdrawn What am I doing up at the witching hour? Oh-o-oh-o Oh-o-oh-o Oh-o-oh-o Oh-o-oh-o Pick up a book, put down a book Turn"
  • The Book - Ben Westbeech
    "So you wanna know the story Didn't think you'd what know bout me All this sending sent the glory I open up and you've into me You give me protection I need protection for myself Sometimes I walk in the"
  • Open Book - Angel
    "Chapter one I found out how to break How a heart could ache How to take gracefully Chapter two I found somebody new Chapter three it didn't work out again Now baby here I am (Chorus) My heart is an open"

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