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bo jovi bed of roses

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bo jovi bed of roses
  • Ian Dury And The Blockheads Bed O. Roses No. 9
    "I've done a lot of things I wished I hadn't There's other things I never hope to do But sliding off the map in both directions Is the sorry mess i've made of knowing you I've seen a lot of things I wished"
  • The Muffs Laying On A Bed Of Roses
    "When I do everything for you And you say that you want it too I miss the point completely And you don't understand Then I completely get all mad And look the part and treat you bad I've more fun laying"
  • Merle Haggard (I'm Gonna Paint Me A) Bed Of Roses
    "In our bedroom there's a portrait done in different shades of gray That I painted out before you broke my heart In the scatch we're arm in arm but in the background there's a storm And it soon become and"
  • Of Monsters and Men Wild Roses
    "wild roses on a bad of leaves in the month of May I think I wrote my won pain don’t you? down by the creek I could sleep so I follow a feeling sounds like the vines they are breathing I;ve seen the way"
  • The Beautiful South Bed Of Nails
    "Don't think of what we can and can't achieve Perfection like this can't be guaranteed Hearts get lost lovers leave Lets just see what friendship actually needs And if you ever do wrong I'm right behind"
  • Boogie Down Productions Bo Bo Bo
    "Bo Bo Bo Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack Get your street knowledge every posse know that come again Bo Bo Bo Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack The only way to deal with racism if you're black Well, seven in"
  • Bruce Springsteen Maria's Bed
    "Been on a barbed wire highway 40 days and nights I ain't complainin', it's my job and it suits me right I got a sweet soft fever rushin' around my head I'm gonna sleep tonight in Maria's bed Got on a"
  • Normal Like You Suck My Bon Jovi
    "Love, Oh, we don't need it baby Love, Oh, we don't need it baby Right hand The introduction began I said, 'Baby you are my disease.' And she said, 'No chance, I'm not lookin' for romance. Disease, huh?"
  • Poets Of The Fall Roses
    "I've walked the distance, I paid my dues and tried to have a go at what I thought I knew was real, held no appeal I've been to places, I've seen the tidings, I bought a book of rules for every coin that"
  • J. Holiday Bed
    "J. Holiday L.O.S. Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye (repeat 8x times) Put you to the bed, bed, bed Put you to the bed, bed, bed Aye,Aye, Aye, Aye Girl, change into that Victoria Secret thing that I"

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