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call pon dem

  • Dem Fraid - Black Rhino
    "A Black Rhyno, Stephen! Yeh eh, testing it yeh One few three testing it Get a shot out a my gun A jack inna di bwoi dem belly Push out dem intestine Shot inna di bwoi di war him chase Man a run out wen"
  • Gal Dem - Alborosie
    "(intro) womaan..you are the queen of my life Rastafari love you so You ready fi dis right ya now (chorus) no badda come with argument no badda with that that that just gimme di gal gimme di gal gimme"
  • Dem Niggas - Lil' Troy
    "Yea for all y'all Chours: Lil' Troy Fuck dem niggas We roll with enough of niggas And got problems with a couple of niggas But fuck dem niggas They gonna to have take chillin with us or they gonna"
  • Dem Haterz - Lil Yola
    "(Spoken) Lil Yola, you already know, self-made ATM. A whole lot. (Verse 1) See I don't know what ya'll been told But I gotta get-get me a big bank roll Yes a fat bag of that sticky in some bad azz hoes So"
  • Bayou Pon Pon - Hank Williams
    "(a) there's a place I know you'll want to go, (d) if you're ever feeling low, For the (a) happiest place beneath the sun, Is saturday night on ba - (e7) you pon (a) pon. Oh the fiddles sing and the guitars"
  • Pon De Replay Remix - Elephant Man - Rihanna
    "(Intro & Verse 1:ephant Man) Woo! Di club is gettin warma, guess who is back up in yuh corna Love Can I hear yuh seh tun it up! Mr. DJ Mr. DJ Mr. DJ Mr. DJ!!! Tun it Mr. DJ Mr. DJ Mr.t up!!!) When"
  • Weh Dem Woulda Do (All Purpose Riddim) - Mr. Vegas
    "Hey! (But mi say....) Vegas! (Weh you a seh Buccaneer?) Yuh nuh si.....good life a hide from some gal If night time neva mek a weh dem gal deh woulda do weh dem woulda do, mi nuh know a weh dem woulda"
  • Fan dem off - Elephant Man
    "Intro:] Yep! Dyah, good to mad dem Gi dem a box, gi dem a box Gi dem a box, gi dem a box Gi dem a box, gi dem a box Gi dem a box, gi dem a box Gi dem di whip now, gi dem di whip Gi dem di whip, gi dem"
  • Bus dem shut - Bob Marley
    "Life is for man to live (Let man live life! Ba, ba, ba-ba, ba-ah!); Bread is for man to eat (Let man eat bread! Ba, ba, ba-ba, ba-ah!). Bread and pyaka: Cut down pyaka-yism! Bread and pyaka: Cut down pyaka-yism!"
  • Gal dem ignition - Beenie Man
    "Intro:Badman inna di new law lay and bag a preachinYuh know, mi can tell yuh somethin girlVerse 1:Girl I don't mean to be rudeBut I will like to do you goodI know you wan't to do me tooLet's just go and"

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