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cheryl lynn

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cheryl lynn
  • Cheryl Lynn Daybreak (Storybook Children)
    "Daybreak How can I ever leave this place beside you? You were the only one I ever cried to The night is through And now it's heartache I should be home before he sees it's daybreak Light from the sky is"
  • Cheryl Cole Craziest Things (ft.
    "We say the craziest things We say the craziest things Like I love you, hate you, don't need you F**k you I don't ever wanna see you again We say the craziest things We say the craziest things Like I love"
  • Cheryl Wheeler But The Days And Nights Are Long
    "But the Days and Nights Are Long (formerly known as: Boulder Hotel Room) * Words and Lyrics by: * Cheryl Wheeler * Life is short, but the days and nights are long * Time will heal all these wounds * Some"
  • Cheryl Wheeler Gandhi/Buddha
    "* Gandhi/Buddha * Words And Music By * Cheryl Wheeler * Feel this wind blow, scatter all these leaves like paper rain. * Feel these days roll back into our winter lives again. * The tangle at the garden"
  • Wheeler Cheryl Summer Fly
    "Summer Fly In another younger day I could dream the time away In the universe inside my room And the world was really mine from June to September And if it wasn't really so, I waslucky not to know And"
  • Cheryl Cole Heart Breaker
    "(*Adams / *Prod. by Where She Go (Where She Go) I Got Some Things I Gotta Let Her Know (Let Her Know) To Fix The Love Now It's Impossible (It's Impossible) But Baby Baby If We Take It Slow If"
  • Cheryl Cole Crazy Stupid Love (ft. Tinie Tempah)
    "Swore I would never be that girl holding your hand Look at you gazing Acting like your biggest fan I used to make fun Of all the things that they said Saying never I will never be like that But then you"
  • Cheryl Cole Stand Up
    "(*Taio Cruz, Fraser T. Smith / *Prod. by Taio Cruz, Fraser T. Smith) Cause I came here to dance I'm gonna put up my hands And stand up, stand up Cause I came here to dance I'm gonna put up my hands And"
  • Cheryl Pepsii Riley Thanks For My Child
    "Cheryl Pepsii Riley Miscellaneous Thanks For My Child Thanks For My Child By Cheryl "Pepsi" Riley You came into my life, You just made everything right. And even though my man has left me behind, I don't"
  • Loretta Lynn World Of Forgotten People
    "(Loretta Lynn) I live in the world world of forgotten people Who've loved and lost their hearts so many times I'm here in the world world of forgotten people Where every heart is aching just like mine Well"

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