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  • All Of The Girls (ft. Pitbull) - Cris Cab
    "When It comes to girls They say: If you turn down, you can only get one But if you walk down you can get them all Imagine if you crawl\all of the girls say Ooooo It’s Mister W.W. ohhh Putting ot down"
  • I Will Lift My Eyes - Bebo Norman
    "Bebo Norman Miscellaneous I Will Lift My Eyes I WILL LIFT MY EYES By Bebo Norman God, my God, I cry out Your beloved needs You now God, be near calm my fear and take my doubt Your kindness is what pulls"
  • Liar Liar - Cris Cab
    "To the night time she's burning Happen the which way she was turning And I still know the pain She brought me live one day She was always somewhere behind me Thought there was something she was hiding But"
  • Loves Me Not - Cris Cab
    "She walked into the frame, She moved like water Before I know her name I want her again Now every other night we spend together And all I want to do is give her pleasure, yeaah! And when I'm at her heart"
  • Fables - Cris Cab
    "Sleeping in on Saturdays Can't get of the couch, Bonk sits on the table still. From last night's run around. Said, it's all in the fables. Are we supposed to go down. You may feel unstable. But you're"
  • The Sun Is Gonna Rise Again - Cris Cab
    "Sun is gonna rise again... Sun is gonna rise again... No certainty no history, you've been here before. There's happiness and misery, there's martyrs and war. Like all your insecurities are coming to"
  • Englishman In New-York (ft. Tefa & Moox, Willy William) - Cris Cab
    "I don't take coffee I take tea my dear I like my toast done on one side And you can hear it in my accent when I talk I'm an Englishman in New York See me walking down Fifth Avenue A walking came here at"
  • Bada Bing - Cris Cab
    "Friday night when I’m way too long I woke up in a stranger’s home After 6 shots od daily hun You know that girl really turn me on We’re one the floor And so much more Can moving down the way And we left"
  • Just Wanna Love You (ft. J. Balvin) - Cris Cab
    "I don’t know what you’re saying it’s not that complicated so why don’t we just clear the air? all this time we’re wasting and I’ve been more that patient it feels like you don’t seem to care the moment"
  • Deszcz - Cris Mili
    "W końcu los odmienił się Inny wygląd, otoczenie Ale przeszłość rzuca cień Chce od nowa wejść do gry Tylko czasem brak mi sił Gdy ciemne chmury nadchodzą Powiedz mi kiedy z nieba spadnie deszcz Będę płakać"

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