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dreadlook holiday

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dreadlook holiday
  • Chipz Holiday
    "Hey lovely Saturday Do you feel the same Do you wanna play Coz' I Just called up all my friends Together we will go away this weekend The sun is shinning in my eyes When I say HOLIDAY! Chorus: Pack your"
  • Duff Mckagan Holiday
    "Got a aching head, Waking up the dead Wrapped up in a shroud Floating on a cloud Trying to catch some zees, brain is full of bee's Mister, mister please, won't you please leave me be (chorus) I'm on holiday,"
  • Unwritten Law Holiday
    "Sometimes life can knock you down Just gotta pick your ass up off the ground Probably don't matter anyway 'Cause in the end it's gonna be ok Because life's a holiday Don't wanna go and work harder Just"
  • Rhubarb Holiday
    "I got a line from you last night Said the weathers fine And that you're losing track of time Nothin' much to do Between the ocean and the pool Hope to see you soon I work as hard as anyone Double timing"
  • The Other Ones Holiday
    "Another holiday Well, you're walking straight ahead But you're looking to your right Got your eyes down low But you hold your head high A hola-hola-ho and a hola-hola-hey Another holiday Beach, the sun"
  • Britt Nicole Holiday
    "Here I go 'round and 'round again Venti Chai, you're my closest friend Lack of sleep is what I do Starbucks will rescue me again Work, more work, and somewhere to be Skip the talk, can't you just text"
  • Norbert Legieć Holiday
    "I just wanna feel you, feel you close tonight Trace your silhouette and fight the morning light So give me your tears Heartbreak and fears Throw them away Let’s make tonight a holiday yea yea yea I just"
  • Happy Mondays Holiday
    "Holiday Holiday Hold it here boy is that your bag In a small sneak and you've just been had Is that your scene bin, been what have I seen Well take a seat, feet, get your feet a seat Put circle round"
  • Just Off Turner Holiday
    "One of these days When we're lost at sea I'll declare a holiday for you and me And on that day After we've returned We can light a candle for each bridge that's burned Somebody's reaching for the keys Watching"
  • George Holiday
    "Nice time of year, for a holiday Such a pity you've no words to say And your flying in on this thin imagination Flying out with a brand new prescription And I cant believe it looks just like the brochure The"

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