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dump ways to die

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dump ways to die
  • Lock Up Slaughterous Ways
    "Benumb the masses Detached from the world within Degeneration The serpent's shedding skin - Slaughterous ways A reptile - devoid of soul I am the serpents eyes Suicidal species We deserve the die Slaughterous"
  • Sigh Severed Ways
    "Prey on the helpless Punish those different Make them regret Their own existence Cannabalistic urge Consummate the dead Inferior way of life The massacre spreads Lover and victim One and the same Unholy"
  • Madvillain Strange Ways
    "Cut: (They stay... Strange ways) (MF Doom) Wreak havoc, beep beep it's mad traffic Sleek and lavish people speaking leaking to the maverick He see as just another felony drug arrest Any day could be the"
  • Booth And The Bad Angel Old Ways
    "Somedays I fly like a bird Everything flows and love is a verb Nothing is static the breach is birthed By these old ways Somedays I fall from the sky Shoot myself down when I fly so high Trash my acheivements Wish"
  • Lagwagon Jaded Ways
    "I used to be a trustworthy guy I could have bend down my friend But no one seems to care Life, it's all just filthy air, right? But do they giving you anything? When there is nothing give But your people"
  • Esham 13 Ways
    ""Today boys and girls we have a special speaker in the house tonight And he's gonna teach you about life and death" I was born a God damn failure Dropped outta school at mitalia Found me a nickel and lost"
  • Frank Duval Ways
    "Ways - cold dirty streets empty eyes. Ways - lost dreams and no chance to rise. Ways - ending with dark closed gates. Ways - bordered by unknown shades. Ways - one of them leads to you. Ways - and at"
  • Samael Ways
    "How long is a life how many ways can you try on How long is your life how many ways did you try on don't need to reach the end when you know what's there no one knows what's there... get in get out don't"
  • Alphaville Ways
    "Hey mrs fields, why do you look so sad Is the whole world gone mad or is it still a strawberry-cake How i wish to kiss your sweet, sweet lips To share your blissfulness It made me feel like floating on"
  • Bloodbath Ways To The Grave
    "to believe is to deceive down on knees you're choked on memories turned into lies of pure demise below to lay far beyond the day a wretched fate at the point of no return doomed to crawl into the darkes"

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